This Instructable is part 2 of a series that began with Draw Kerf Combs in Autodesk Inventor, a friendly project-oriented introduction to 2D work in Autodesk.  We assume you've already finished and saved a sketch (whether of kerf combs or something else.)

Several techniques apply to any imported file you may wish to laser cut!

We'll learn about:

If you have just finished drawing your kerf comb, keep Autodesk Inventor open.  Otherwise, open Inventor and load your saved file. 

Step 1: Export As DWG

1.  From the Inventor menu, select Export -> Export to DWG. 
2.  Select a name and location and click Save.
<p>can you give me some more information on how to importing autodesk inventor to coreldrawing, because my teacher ask me to find as article about the importing.</p>

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