Importing data into Partwizard and creating toolpaths for the Shopbot

Picture of Importing data into Partwizard and creating toolpaths for the Shopbot
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Step 1: Input DXF file

Picture of Input DXF file
Open Partwizard and choose new project. Input the dimensions of your final product. I use top of block as the material Z zero. Go to file>import>vector data and select your .dxf file

Step 2: Prepare Vectors

Picture of Prepare Vectors
Use the Transform Vectors button to adjust the size and rotation of your outline. Using the rotation and sizing tools is pretty self explanatory. It will make things easier if you move it to the bottom left corner using the position and origin screen. Select the bottom left corner and then enter 0,0 for the coordinates.

Step 3: Choose what kind of Toolpath you are going to use

Picture of Choose what kind of Toolpath you are going to use
Now that everything is in place, you need to decide what kind of toolpath to use. This will vary with what your product is going to be. It is important to choose the right kind so that everything comes out to the dimensions you designed. For help choosing the right toolpath, click on a toolpath then press show help in the top right corner of the sidebar. This will give an explanation of each kind and how to use the options that are available for it. I will give a short summary of each of the 5 options here.

Profile- used for cutting outlines

Area Clear- removes all the material in between lines at a set depth

Machine Along Vectors- cuts along the line with no adjustment for tool width

V Carve Text- use with an angled bit for carving text

Drilling- drills holes

Step 4: Create the toolpaths

Picture of Create the toolpaths
To create toolpaths, choose the vectors by holding shift and clicking on them to select each one. After more than one is selected they will turn purple. You can group them together to make things easier by choosing Vectors>Group Vectors. Select the toolpath you want to use then enter the proper things that you want. Hit create toolpath at the bottom and you are done. You can create multiple toolpaths for different kinds of cuts .

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