Impossible Wedding Place Card




Introduction: Impossible Wedding Place Card

Believe it or not this seemingly impossible thing is made out of only one piece of card, and requires no gluing.

It is actually quite hard to make a place card stand up if you just use a strip of card folded in half, as anyone who has ever been to a conference will testify.

Even the thinest paper will make a rigid sign.

Step 1: Start With a Square of Card

Mark out the square of card s above. I have drawn this in thick pen so that it shows up in the photo.
I have used thin card with fabric glued to both sides.

Step 2: Start With a Square of Card.

Cut in from the side along the three lines to the center line.

Step 3: Folding - This Is the Tricky Bit to Explain

Fold the end flaps in opposite directions.

It helps to score the center line but it is not essential.

Step 4: Now Decorate.



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