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Introduction: Unlatherable Soap Prank

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This is one of the simplest yet most frustrating pranks I've ever done. The victim will become more and more agitated as the soap stubbornly refuses to lather up. And, best of all, you can prank a large amount of people with very little effort. Just leave the bar of soap beside the bathroom sink; whenever someone goes to wash their hands, you've pranked another person.

Thanks to everyone who voted for me in the April Fools Contest!

Step 1: What You Need:

- A bar of soap
- Some clear nail polish

Step 2: The Setup

- Obtain a bottle of clear nail polish. I picked some cheap stuff up for $2.00.
- Cover the entire bar of soap in nail polish and let it dry.
- Place the soap in the bathroom and wait!



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    This is so mean:( ->:) I love it!!!!!

    I like it. I have a leftover can of polyurethane from another project. I might have to try this, I'm sure the in-laws will be impressed...

    I tryed this prank and after I ended up throwing the soap bar away! Not funny when that happens

    How did you record the video at the beginning?


    I used a tripod.

    Fun prank I played on my boyfriend.

    I would love to do this but we only use liquid soap. I wonder if I can swap out a friends bar without them noticing?


    I'm sure you can, good luck!

    This will be my Friday project for May Fools, as retaliation for moving my calendar by a month.