Impossibly Easy Carnitas Tacos

Picture of Impossibly Easy Carnitas Tacos
Let's have a taco party! 

I'm going to show you how to make pretty much fool-proof carnitas tacos. They're impossibly easy to make, and they're perfect for a casual party, an outdoor picnic, or even while you're out car camping. You'll be the hit of the party, and it's not even hard to do. 

A note for purists: This isn't the definitive way to make carnitas tacos. In fact, it's kind of cheating because I use a crock pot instead of roasting a big piece of pork for many hours in the oven. It's also not as fatty as true, authentic carnitas, which traditionally uses lard. Yep, the hard stuff. I prefer doing it this way. It's no doubt much healthier. 

One more thing: This recipe is perfect for a party in the park. I've set up a camp stove with a cast iron pan on top on a picnic table and cooked carnitas tacos to order for both kids' soccer parties and adult boozefests. 

Wait... one more thing. I STRONGLY recommend using a cast iron pan for this. Otherwise, you won't get crispy carnitas. 

What you'll need to make 15-20 modest-sized tacos

3 pounds of country style pork ribs, blade roast, or pork butt
1 jalapeno pepper
1 anaheim chili or other pepper of your choice (optional)
3-4 cloves of garlic
1 large white onion
1 bunch cilantro
4-5 limes or lemons (I happened to have lemons but prefer limes)
Salsa of your choice 
A big pack of small corn tortillas 
A large cast iron pan

Optional ingredients 
Cumin, oregano, onion powder to season meat before cooking
Radishes for garnish

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These were amazing and plated absolutely beautifully!
supereric (author)  sherrycayheyhey1 year ago
So very glad to hear that! Yay!
l8nite1 year ago
I LOVE my crock pot ! Thank you for sharing this yummy looking dish
canida1 year ago
These were amazing, and looked dead easy. Thanks for the Instructable!
Real way to make them is by deep frying them in pig lard sounds gross but they taste the best that way
nikoala31 year ago
These were delicious! I'll have to try making them at home!
Sam DeRose1 year ago
These were so good, great post! I'll have to try the croc pot method next time my family wants pulled pork.
OH MAN! How could I lose that awesome taco party? (I will explain the reason in my next instructable)

Your carnitas tacos look amazing and delicious!

And I love the pictures!