Imposter Olives


Introduction: Imposter Olives

One of my favorite holidays all year is April Fools Day and on that day one of our favorite family traditions are the surprises I pack for the kids' school lunches.

The trick is coming up with new and inventive surprises each year while still giving them something healthy to eat. These grapes masquerading as olives are a quick and easy treat which will delight your kids as much as it did mine.

Step 1: Quick and Easy

The process to make these imposters is pretty straight forward.

You first need to remove a small piece of the grape on the stem side. A paring knife will work but if you have a strawberry huller like I discovered I did, the job is much simpler (ours is an OXO brand). You want to end up with about a 1/4" diameter hole between 1/4" and 1/2" deep.

Next, take a jar of maraschino cherries and dice them roughly into 1/4" pieces. There's no need to be precise here.

Lastly, stuff a piece of cherry into a grape. Repeat until you're tired and want to go do something else.

See? I told you it was easy.



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