Having had some success a few years back with my Impressionist Joker Costume, for 2013 I decided to take a crack at another Batman villain, Two-Face.  One of my reasons for taking this route is that I've grown weary of putting huge effort into costumes that accurately represent my inspiration, but which the audience fails to appreciate.  Why create a 1966 Doctor Who Cyberman if everybody is just going to say "Hey, look at the robot!"?  So I've been leaning toward costumes that don't rely on a knowledgeable public.  My Lovecraft-inspired costume from last year was chosen because I didn't expect anyone to know what it was, so I wasn't sad when they didn't. 

The Impressionist Two-Face costume is the same deal.  It is not meant to look like Harvey Dent.  Folks will probably recognize some of the elements and figure out what I'm doing, but my satisfaction will not be based on their ability to puzzle out my intentions.  It was more important to create something striking, weird, and a little gross.  They might not know who I am, but they'll notice me!

Here's what I used:


masking tape
Fimo (white, translucent and pearl)
acrylic paint
floral wire


Two jackets, one black and one white
Two pants, one black and one white
various fabric remnants
decorative trims
One suit vest

A pair of shoes
white spraypaint


a jug of blood!
qeppetto3 months ago
What's that
sokiboi781 year ago

Nice job.!!.check out mine what u think? made out of card boards and tape lol Vote if you like show some love in return :-)
Very impressive! Creepy, but I think that's what you're going for right? Nice job with the suit!
pokiespout (author)  DeandrasCrafts1 year ago
Yeah, I was definitely aiming for a darker image than you were... but I bet your son and I both had a great time in our Two-Face costumes!
I think your impressionist costumes are amazing. So much better than just a straightforward Two-Face or Joker or whatever!
pokiespout (author)  depotdevoid1 year ago
One of my zinester friends wants me to do Impressionist Riddler next year. Which kind of seems too obvious, but I HAVE A BOWLER HAT!!!
It's perfect! I can see many, many questions marks in your future.
Well that mask isn't going to give me nightmares or anything.
Bonus points for having your Halloween photo taken in a comic book store!
pokiespout (author)  mikeasaurus1 year ago
Would it be disingenuous to say that giving you nightmares makes me feel better about myself? And do I still get the bonus points if the pictures are taken in MY comic book store?
I think that means you get DOUBLE! Great costume.
Ooooooh that was so funny and scary