Step 4: Grill

To prepare the sides, place the potatoes and asparagus onto the grill on high heat.  Baste in olive oil and sprinkle sea salt over. Flip the potatoes when golden brown and repeat with the olive oil and sea salt. Remove each when cooked to perfection. The potatoes will take approximately 40 minutes while the asparagus may take about 5 minutes.

For the steaks, grill approximately 5 minutes on each side for a medium doneness.
mmmm....this looks awesome. it resembles Cowboy Rub by McCormick. i think i might try this...one question though. why do you broil the coffee first. the coffee is already roasted...
Supposedly it is to make the coffee have a more bold and complex flavor, but I just did some research on this and it seems to be a bit controversial on reheating coffee grinds. I'll have to try this without heating the coffee grinds next time to see the difference.
hmm...well, i will be patiently awaiting your answer as to the difference. Until then, i am going to try this when i get my next paycheck!
That whole plate just looks wonderful.
Thank you! :)
I want to eat

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