Impressive Homelike Art





Introduction: Impressive Homelike Art

Make a nice looking work of art at home. Incredibly cheap and interesting do do.It cost to me only 2 euros :)



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    Nice work! and on regular paper?

    very nice work, looks amazing

    woow.... wonderful work ... I wanted to know .. what's the purpose of the varnishing , and what's it type ??

    gives it a clear protective layer. makes it a bit more water/dust/general wear and tear proof than paper on its own.

    Nice work! For those that are not familiar with Photoshop, there is a website you can upload pictures to and split them like this to print out called The Rasterbator, you can download it or do it online (both for free), you can also make them have dotted effects as well (forgot the style's name :-S ). I used Rasterbator to make a big portrait made up of several A4 pictures, but you get kudos for actually chopping in Photoshop yourself (good idea with the varnish too) :)

    Or PosterRazor, that does the same thing but doesn't make it dots.

    Looks awesome! I might try this out, looks very cheap to do too. :-)

    Thanks for comment!! Yes, that a lot of fun and beauty almost with no money:)