Picture of Impromptu Third Hand for Soldering
I was away from home and needed to solder a power cord for my daughter's Sirius radio in her car.  Fine wires are difficult to solder together, even under better circumstances
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Step 1: Items available

Picture of Items available

I did have access to solder and a soldering iron.  Beyond that, I had a Chip Clip and an empty whiskey bottle. 

Step 2: Clip in a bottle

Picture of Clip in a bottle

I inverted the clip and put one half of the handle into the neck of the bottle.

Step 3: Strip the wires

Picture of Strip the wires
The wire I used was very similar to that shown here.  It is about 22 gauge copper and stranded.  I like to roll the wire on a hard surface while pressing a sharp knife against the plastic insulation.  It is always a challenge to cut through the insulation without cutting off any strands of wire.  Here I have successfully cut through the insulation without cutting any strands of wire, and I have pulled the insulation partially away to show the bare wire.  About 1/8 of an inch of bare wire is all that is necessary.

Step 4: Wires in the clip

Picture of Wires in the clip
If you plan to insulate your solder joint with heat shrink tubing, slide it onto one of the wires now.  I did not have any available to me when I needed to do this job, so I planned to use electrical tape.  Put both wire ends into the clip and bend them toward each other.

Step 5: Mesh the ends together

Picture of Mesh the ends together

Push the ends of the wires so they entwine with one another end-to-end.  This part is tedious and requires bending the wires so they stay exactly in place when you release them from your fingers.  Press any loose strands together with the rest of the wires as you see here.

Step 6: Solder the wires

Picture of Solder the wires
Without disturbing the wires, heat and apply solder.

Step 7: Finished

Picture of Finished
This is a good strong solder joint, even though the wires were not twisted before soldering.  Slide heat shrink insulation over them and heat it, or use electrical tape.
This is a great idea. I often have trouble when I need to solder two wires together. I'll have to get a chip clip and mount it to a little wooden base.
Thanks for the instructable!
Phil B (author)  Christopher_Moore3 years ago
Thank you for looking and for commenting. One large Chip Clip does in a pinch. Two clips could be mounted so that the wires could be straight with no need to bend them, which might work out better in a lot of situations.
Ray-l-l4 years ago
Tiis is a wonderful idea.
Phil B (author)  Ray-l-l4 years ago
Thank you.

Very, very clever. Beats a real third hand for many things!
Phil B (author)  doctormerlin4 years ago
Thank you.
rimar20004 years ago
Thanks, Phil, I am one of yours epigones.
Phil B (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you, Osvaldo. 'Epigone' is a little strong. I appreciate it that you merely find some of my ideas useful.
Phil B (author)  unaffiliatedperson4 years ago
Thanks. It is a strange feeling to be hundreds of miles from your own workshop and to have to do a job with what little is available. Hopefully, those who need a fixture like this only occasionally will find this useful.
sharlston4 years ago
You never cease to amaze,great shop phil 5 stars
Phil B (author)  sharlston4 years ago
Thank you very kindly. I hope all is well with you.