Picture of Impromptu Third Hand for Soldering
I was away from home and needed to solder a power cord for my daughter's Sirius radio in her car.  Fine wires are difficult to solder together, even under better circumstances

Step 1: Items available

Picture of Items available

I did have access to solder and a soldering iron.  Beyond that, I had a Chip Clip and an empty whiskey bottle. 
This is a great idea. I often have trouble when I need to solder two wires together. I'll have to get a chip clip and mount it to a little wooden base.
Thanks for the instructable!
Phil B (author)  Christopher_Moore3 years ago
Thank you for looking and for commenting. One large Chip Clip does in a pinch. Two clips could be mounted so that the wires could be straight with no need to bend them, which might work out better in a lot of situations.
Ray-l-l4 years ago
Tiis is a wonderful idea.
Phil B (author)  Ray-l-l4 years ago
Thank you.

Very, very clever. Beats a real third hand for many things!
Phil B (author)  doctormerlin4 years ago
Thank you.
rimar20004 years ago
Thanks, Phil, I am one of yours epigones.
Phil B (author)  rimar20004 years ago
Thank you, Osvaldo. 'Epigone' is a little strong. I appreciate it that you merely find some of my ideas useful.
Phil B (author)  unaffiliatedperson4 years ago
Thanks. It is a strange feeling to be hundreds of miles from your own workshop and to have to do a job with what little is available. Hopefully, those who need a fixture like this only occasionally will find this useful.
sharlston4 years ago
You never cease to amaze,great shop phil 5 stars
Phil B (author)  sharlston4 years ago
Thank you very kindly. I hope all is well with you.