This is a short little 'ible, on how to improve your 9 volt batteries!  Usually, when i camp, i use these little LED 9 volt clip flashlights that i make myself (shown in the 'ible) I usually coat my 9volts with Duct Tape for extra grip and strength.  This will partially water proof and strengthen the battery, but most of all it adds an excellent grip!

Step 1: Duct Tape! What Else?

Get your duct tape roll, and then put the battery standing up next to it.  Usually with duct tape brands, the roll will be a little bigger/taller than the battery...but with some generic brands, it might be the exact same height.  Then tear off a piece that is about 8-10 inches depending on how thick you want the cover to be.
The only useful thing I can say about this is if you're going on an extended hiking trip where space and weight are at a premium, wrapping duct tape around your spare 9v batteries is a good way to bring it along.&nbsp;<br> <br> Other than that, I don't see how this would waterproof batteries.&nbsp;
Instructions are clear, but I am afraid I do not get the point of doing it, except for the fact that it is easy and cheap. Batteries will neither be stronger, or have a higher capacity this way so why bother?
<br> I'll guess that there's a tape competition going on...<br> <br> L<br>
ding ding ding we have a winner :)
<br> You might try peeling the metal-case off first, that'd be interesting, or wrap a 9V pack from AA or larger?<br> <br> L<br>
I was going to post a comment saying almost exactly that, but I got distracted first and started to read the comments.
mmmmm sounds like an idea
The batteries are already expensive, and don't last long for anything that draws much current. The tape would probably add too much thickness to allow them to slide into any device that requires 9v batteries. Probably should have included instructions for your clip light as well. Personally, I try to avoid using 9 volt batteries like these, just not a good value for most things. A white LED only needs about 3.4 volts (varies a little), three rechargeable AAA batteries will last longer, not much difference in size or weight (slightly less), and reusable, cheaper.
2x9v batteries = $1<br>Could they even be cheaper?
I suppose the tape would make the battery a little less slippery. I recently found out that all 9v batteries aren't the same size, at least in lenght. While replacing the batteries in my smoke detectors the 9v's I got on sale at a local discount tool store wouldn't fit, measured against a coppertopped brand there was almost an 1/8&quot; difference. Doesn't sound like a lot but in this case it made a difference
Sorry to be blunt, but this is just plain stupid. What a waste of time and duct tape.
<p> <br> This will partially water proof and strengthen the battery,<br> <br> I dont get it. The battery is not water proof at all, and adding ducktape to strengthen an metal batteries is just point less.</p>

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