Picture of Improve 9v Batteries with Duct Tape!
This is a short little 'ible, on how to improve your 9 volt batteries!  Usually, when i camp, i use these little LED 9 volt clip flashlights that i make myself (shown in the 'ible) I usually coat my 9volts with Duct Tape for extra grip and strength.  This will partially water proof and strengthen the battery, but most of all it adds an excellent grip!
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Step 1: Duct Tape! What Else?

Picture of Duct Tape! What Else?
Get your duct tape roll, and then put the battery standing up next to it.  Usually with duct tape brands, the roll will be a little bigger/taller than the battery...but with some generic brands, it might be the exact same height.  Then tear off a piece that is about 8-10 inches depending on how thick you want the cover to be.

Step 2: Time to wrap it up

Picture of Time to wrap it up
First, lay the battery flat on the strip of Duct Tape and align it with the corner.  Then, start to roll the battery in the Duct Tape until it is completely wrapped.

Step 3: Loose ends.....

Notice that if you use the legit brand of Duct Tape...there will be excess tape hanging off of the end of the battery.  You can cut it off, but i chose to leave it on so that the battery would be protected on the bottom.  You fold the tape in as shown, then you cut off the tabs that are hanging off for a cleaner finish.

Step 4: Additional modifications

Here are a couple mods that you can do.  You can take different colors of duct tape and make patterns on the batteries.  And you can make some LED 9v clip flashlights!  You make these by wiring two LEDs, Two 100k resistors and a 9v battery clip in a circuit. Then, wrap up the electronics in tape, or Sugru like i did (found here http://sugru.com/) no www. <---that wont work.  These make excellent little flashlights that are power efficient and very bright depending on the type of LED you use.

Step 5: END!

Picture of END!
Thanks for tuning in folks! have fun with your new epic 9v batteries and flashlights!