Today, i going to show you how to improve ADSL broadband performance just few simple step. At the finish work, you can feel the different when you browsing the Internet, lot faster when open a website, less buffering when play YouTube video. But, speed remain the same, better PING result. So, the picture show you, what it look like.

Step 1: What You Needs

Few items you need to get it from the shop :

  1. landline phone cable, about 5 meter long
  2. duct tape
  3. plastic twist ties

Step 2: Let's Start

At here, look at the picture. is a ADSL setup shown in the diagram below. What i going to work on is the phone cable connected in between DSL Filter and the modem/ ADSL WiFI router/Router, anything you want to call it. You need an additional phone cable about 5 meter long or longer for this task. You can plug-in before or after you completed this modification. Not taking too many time from you.

Let's us start.
All we need to do is make few turn/round on the additional phone cable about 7cm-8cm diameter at the middle of the cable.

Scale factor 1:5 OR 1:10. mean on the router side, make 2 round/turns on the cable, and 10 round/turns on the DSL Filter side. Remember, both have to just next to each other. Each side is tie with duct tape. And then both tie with plastic twist ties together. Done. That All we have to do. Restart your router, and enjoy.

So, speed test, not going to show you any different, download or upload. BUT, when you browsing you feel you can fly. Try some usually slow website, example Facebook, gmail, outlook, etc. Open multiple tab at once. Test youtube from lower quality to higher quality video, depend on your so-called broadband speed. My is 384kbps, at 360p youtube video playback without buffering. Cool, right. Yes. is 384kbps.

What theory behind this? magnetic field.

Step 3: How to Reduce ADSL Line Static Noise?

static noise? line not stable? keep disconnected? ISP already not good on helping to solved it? Ok, i have a solution for this, off the book. Out of the BOX. All you need is just adding few more DSL filter. What is DSL filter? look at the picture above. You can get it from the shop. In this case, you need 2 unit DSL filter, plus the one you already have is 3 unit DSL filter.

Step by step :

  1. first unit DSL filter is plug into the wall socket, landline phone just goto the Phone port
  2. second unit DSL filter, the LINE is plug into the ADSL port on first unit of DSL filter
  3. the last unit DSL filter, the LINE also plug into the ADSL port on the second unit of DSL filter
  4. then the modified phone cable plug into the last unit of the DSL filter at ADSL port.
  5. Done

If you experience ADSL modem not dial-up or can not connected or can not get DSL signal, try reduce one unit DSL filter. Or if still experience static noise and line not stable, just HIT one more or 2 unit DSL filter to reduce the signal interference. Work for me, i use 3 unit DSL filter.

Step 4: Firefox Settings Improvements

At here, i like Firefox web browser for one good reason. Lot of configuration for me to play around. This improvements guide, please install version 47.0 or above. I going to make few settings change to the Firefox to make it more faster when browsing internet.

Start with, what easy to found on the Firefox UI. Go to Tools / Options, uncheck all listed

  1. Advanced / Use smooth scrolling

  2. Advanced / Use hardware acceleration when available,

Also this

  1. Add-ons Manager / Extensions, all disable if any
  2. Add-ons Manager / Plugins, all set Never Active Or Ask to Active

Now, we do something different from inside Firefox. type About:Config at address bar, then press this button i'll be careful, I promise

At here, you can just copy and paste Preference Name to the search bar

  1. dom.popup_allowed_events , to an empty value. Default is change click dblclick mouseup reset submit touchend. This disable all the POP-UP ads, good or bad pop-ups window one for all. Go to Tools / Options / Content / Pop-ups / Exceptions to add any Url you allow to show Pop-Up

  2. browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction, value set to 1. same as above, Block All good or bad Pop-Up

  3. browser.cache.disk.enable, value set to true.

  4. browser.cache.disk.parent_directory, set the value to a faster drive, example D:\Temp. Or a USB 2.0 or higher Pendrive, SDcard, if you have a busy hard drive. By default, your cache is on a different path from your main settings folder.

  5. browser.cache.memory.enable, set value to False. This disable the Firefox cache data on memory, reduce memory usage.

  6. browser.cache.memory.max_entry_size, set value to 512. This tell the Firefox do not cache data bigger then 512KB to memory. Reduce memory usage

Done, for this section.

Opening a new instance of Firefox with another profile and private, How to : Just right on the Desktop Firefox shortcut properties as the picture above. add -P -no-remote -Private

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe" -P -no-remote -Private

Step 5: Blocking Unwanted Connections With a Hosts File

What? Why? The answer is simple, reduce data transfer, reduce time to wait for a page to completed loading. Block Ads!

You can get the hosts file from below here, and the website explain everything and just download the hosts file.

  1. http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm

Step 6: ADSL Router Settings

What i do here, maybe if you not familiar with router configuration, please read the manual guide. But go simple on this one. Only 2 value have to change for good, but many going to disagree with me. Look at the picture above. Change the MRU value to 1424, and MTU size to 1464. But some router do not have this settings available for you to change it.

ADSL Setting. Only select G.Dmt Enabled and ADSL2 + Enabled. Because G.Dmt is basic implementation and always reliable. Also some router do not have this options too.

When Done. Saved and restart your router. Enjoy.

Step 7: Windows Tweaks

All you have to do is, copy and paste all the bold text below here into a text file created by notepad. and rename it to WindowsTweasks.bat , and double click and run the file as Admin each time you start Windows 8 / 8.1 / 10.xxx. This tweaks tell the Windows OS do the internet thing better.

@echo off

echo. Receive-side Scaling

netsh int tcp set global rss=enabled

echo. TCP Auto-Tuning disabled

netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disabled

netsh int tcp set global autotuninglevel=highlyrestricted

echo. Windows Scaling heuristics disabled

netsh int tcp set heuristics disabled

echo. ECN Capability with AQM (Active Queue Management) enabled

netsh int tcp set global ecncapability=enabled

echo. Direct Cache Access enabled

netsh int tcp set global dca=enabled

echo. TCP Chimney Offload automatic

netsh int tcp set global chimney=automatic

echo. receive segment coalescing state

netsh int tcp set global rsc=enabled

echo. timestamps

netsh int tcp set global timestamps=enabled


echo. To verify that it is dsabled:

netsh interface tcp show global



Step 8: Game Tweaks

Copy and paste all the text below here into a text file created by notepad, rename it to TCPCongestionControl.reg . Double click and run, and click OK. Done. This for Online Game for a better data transfer speed.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters] "TCPCongestionControl"=dword:00000001

<p>Sorry mate, but you need to check your facts. An inductive loop on your DSL line will not reduce noise, it will change the line impedance detrimentally.</p><p>Furthermore, a DSL filter is designed to cut frequencies on the phone output only. There is no filter on the modem output. Schematic attached http://www.8085projects.info/wp-content/uploads/Home%20ADSL%20splitter%20circuit..jpg</p>

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