Improve Google Search


Introduction: Improve Google Search

Add a date field to improve your search results in Google. No more out dated searches!



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    :( not one instructable on HOW to google in the first place.
    Like 'step one: finding the caps button, how to type non genital words.
    step two: step by step pictorial guide to typing
    step three: searching before insultingly ask questions highlighting ones
    inability to 'do it yourself.'
    step four: world peace.'

    Oh PUH-LEEZE! Isn't enough that there are self appointed police on Instructables going around marking their spot on any two similar Instructables? Now we have police checking the entire Internet to make sure that there is only one instance of a thought posted anywhere???

    I can't get that to work for me :(

    this video is way to fast. would have been nice as a traditional instructable with all the great benefits of using google.