This is my dream room. It is a design of a room that has everything I love to do. This instruct able is for the Improve Your Room Youth Design Challenge.

Step 1: Trampolines

A bunch of trampolines surrounded by each other to bounce around on.

Step 2: Go Karts

Go karts to go around the room in.

Step 3: Water Slide to the Pool

The water slide that you can go down into the pool.

Step 4: Ziiiiiiipline

The zip line that gets you across the room over the go kart track and the ball pit. From that spot you can jump into the ball pit.

Step 5: Arcade

The fun arcade game area.

Step 6: Movie Theatre and Video Games

The place where I can either relax or play some video games.

Step 7: Paintball Shooting Range

The place where I can shoot paintballs and shoot at dummies.
Well I mean it would be a waste of money but it would be pretty fun room to have
its ok but I wouldnt think anyone would do that ? but it is fun to see what great imagination you have

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