Improve strength, tone muscle, and increase flexibility + explosiveness: Dual-Handle Weight Bag

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Step 9: Exercises

Since the bag is not necessarily beautiful to look at, we recruited an (80's style) model to show it off.

Bicep curls, Skull crushers (triceps), Flys (chest), Bent over row (back), raises (shoulders, squats and leg raise (quads), leg curls (hamstring, glutes), seated oblique twist (core), looking jacked!
brilliant idea, however muscular tone cannot be changed by exercise.
Kathy1864 years ago
I'm only thinking this through in my head, but wouldn't it be easier to install the zipper as you would in a clothing item, by closing the seam, laying the zipper on the closed seam and stitching it in, then opening the seam to reveal the zipper? This would be done, of course, before stitching the other half of the circle closed. You'd be working with a semi-flat seam area this way. Might this work better? Otherwise, excellent sturdy construction! I like this idea. And it's washable!
csadelman4 years ago
Brilliant multi use of a riced-filled bag. even if one accidentally drops it on their toes, it would not hurt too much. I love the triceps workout, it's always so hard trying got concentrate on the work out when my hards are gripping on the weights so hard, that I loose feeling on my fingers. Thank you for a wonderful idea.

~ Sharon