Introduction: Improve Wood Stove

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need little more by my iron wood stove

Step 1: Need More Mass

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This is a comon iron wood stove I need more mass effect to stay warm more time so I use two pieces of Carrara stone looked by thin alluminium strip

Step 2: Need More Place for Cooking

Picture of Need More Place for Cooking

recently I buy a dutch oven I need littel more place for cooking, or take warm the food, I make it by iron plane bloked by nedinium magnet

Step 3: Seem Good

Picture of Seem Good

It seem good nex month I will verify my job


Pygar (author)2015-09-19

Heat kills magnets...

paolobertoncin (author)Pygar2015-09-21

I suppose it but I will remove the magnet and use a screw!



really high temperature kills magnets! i Just remove it

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