You are one step away from Saving money, time, and energy. Have you ever broken a sprinkler trying to weedeat around it.I have. But if you dont weedeat around it, your sprinkler will be blocked and your grass will be patchy. One time my husband actually broke our sliding glass door from using a weedeater.(it flicked a rock right into the door) That was an expensive mistake.Like I said using this simple method will save you precious money, time and energy and lasts alot longer than the dreaded weedeating.

Can you imagine never having to weedeat again??? 

Step 1: You Will Need

 Ortho Season Long Max  or some sort of weed killer spray *

It says it lasts up to 4 months but I used it last year in some areas that are still weed free.

* Some people will say you can just use vinegar and spray it when it is really hot. You are welcome to try it. It did not work well for me though.

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