Improve your Ultimate Frisbee Game with these basic throwing techniques

Picture of Improve your Ultimate Frisbee Game with these basic throwing techniques
As a former member of the Iowa State University Women's Ultimate Frisbee Team, Woman Scorned, which has appeared at College Nationals 2009 and 2011, I have a few insights into the sport of Ultimate Frisbee. I've gained all my skills and knowledge from other very talented men and women in the sport.

This instructable is aimed towards beginners to the sport and people who would like to improve their throwing abilities. These are just a few simple techniques on how to deliver different throws that should help you in the game. These throws will help with your ability to maneuver around the defensive mark and aim the throw so it's easiest for the receiver to catch it.

Things you will need to practice throwing:
-1 or more people (If you have just yourself I recommend multiple discs)
-At least one 175 gram ULTRA-STAR PROFESSIONAL SPORTDISC (official disc of the game)
-cleats (optional - useful if practicing cuts with throwing)
-open expanse of grass (preferable, but other surfaces work as well, just have an open space with no overhead)

Tip: Make sure you "limber up" or stretch properly before throwing or doing any physical activity.
I will give advice for right handed throwers, left handed people can do everything the same only using opposite appendages.
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Step 1: Setting up the throwing session

Picture of Setting up the throwing session
To being with, stand approximately 20 ft. away from your target/partner.

Tip: It's important to warm up your arm with shorter throws before attempting longer throws to avoid injury.

Step 2: The Backhand Grip

Picture of The Backhand Grip
Let's start with the basic backhand throw.

The first step is getting the right grip. For the backhand, you have your thumb on the top of the disc. Most people put their forefinger along the rim of the disc and use the rest of your fingers to balance the disc between them and their thumb.
jcarwash312 years ago
I prefer to use a hybrid of the 2 grips. I keep both fingers on the rim but bend my index finger so the knuckle points toward the center of the disc. This gives me more stability than the power grip and a more power than the stability grip.