This is my first Instructable.  It is simple, cost me no money because I had the materials in my shop, and was quick.  It worked so well I thought I would share.
After buying an aftermarket extended battery for my HTC Rezound cell phone I noticed that my reception was terrible.  The battery was thicker than the original battery and came with a new back cover.  I discovered that the circuits and contacts in the new back cover were just thinly applied copper colored paint.  I inspected the original HTC back cover and saw that it also had conductive paint, but much thicker.  This is how I improved on the cheap aftermarket back cover, resulting in greatly improved reception.  The entire process took about 20 minutes.

Step 1: Materials

The only materials you will need:

About 4" of foil tape.  I used aluminum because it was in my shop, but I suspect copper would be better.
A hobby or craft knife.
Transparent tape.
(not shown) a fine tip pen or marker.  I used a Sharpie.
A pencil with an eraser.
<p>Great Idea..Thanks for sharing :) :) :)</p>
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Clever idea, thanks for sharing!
Great Idea..Thanks for sharing

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