Improve Your Digital Camera Extremely





Introduction: Improve Your Digital Camera Extremely

in this Instructable I'll show you how you can take your amature digital camera to the extreme using just one item that you'll probably find in every home!
with this simple modification you will be able to take extreme macro images with your simple amature digital camera!
enjoy this one !
Watch the video :

Step 1: Lets Start!

All you need is a front lens of a regular binoculars and a masking tape!
- take your old binoculars and take off the front lens!
- attach the lens to the camera lens using a maskingtape!
- this step is complete!

next step : camera settings!

Step 2: Camera Setup!

If your camera has a manual mode , use it like this :
- manual focus (set to infinity)
- min aperture!- max F number! (in the picute: f8)
- max zoom for max magnification!

next step : how to use

Step 3: Focusing & Using

to focus on the subject you'll have to gently move the camera back and forth until you find that sweet-point where the picture is crisp and sharp! (this why we prefer manual-focus , so the camera will not change the focus once you already focused!)
this is the tricky part , but with some practice you will master the technique and will get amazing images easily!

this is it! I hope you enjoyed this Instructable and found it useful!



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     Raviv Stein, i have a question.  On pics you take, do you have to pay to have hem copyright or can you just put that on there? i was wondering for future reference!


    I know it was 3 years ago that you asked this question and I hope this answer will help. No, you don't have to pay to have them copyrighted. The copyright automatically belongs to the photographer. And if I remember correctly is good for up to 75 years after the photographers death. The problem with this is of course, proof of copyright. If you ever feel that your photos have been stolen and being used for someone else's gain, you can take them to court over it. But, you must prove proof of copyright. That's were the paying for the copyright comes in. Copyrighting is easy though. You don't have to send high quality images in to the copyright office to have them on record as being your photos. You need only send them a disc with the images. Here's a link to the US Copyright office that explains some of what I said. You can explore their site to lean more.

    The fourth picture at the top (spider with 4 eyes) is so frickin funny but I cant quite put my finger. It's like a potential LOLCat, only less cuddly-looking. Someone put 'WTF' or something beneath it's arms. Now.

    Did it.

    Oh, and Raviv Stein, I didn't remove the copyright because this is yours. Take all the credit you want from it, I just did it for mattface.

    i seen u.jpg

    Enjoyed it. Great lesson on settings. I needed that.

    You have interesting insects around your home. Where about do you live?

    I have deleted my post (above) which was in reply to "usuck" as it was not of a constructive nature. This is my own choice. 3 wrongs don't make a situation right. As I can not add a constructive comment at the moment, best I don't comment. This explains my deletion and action. - eight

    What the heck are you, a college professor?

    Nope. For many years, I was a Photojournalist ... : )