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Nobody has the perfect life. I'm sure when everybody wants to change their life drasticly, but never get around to it. It's easy to change your life, just take it one simple step at a time. Each week try a new step, take it slow, it doesn't all need to be done in a day

Please post suggestions and results!

Note: I notice that this instructable has been getting lots of attention, and lots of people are mentioning the spelling errors, I've corrected these, and when I find time, i will hopefully add to this instructable to give more tips thing you can do to stay happy and healthy.

Step 1: The Morning

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Everyone says that breakfast is your post important meal, well all meals are important, but breakfast is the first food you get since dinner which was 10,12,15 hours ago. How you wake up can change your day.

1. Put your alarm clock out of reach, stops you from hitting snooze and being late.

2. Get out of the bedroom immediatly, this will keep your brain from thinking that an extra 5 minutes in bed is ok.

3. When you go into the bathroom in the morning, fill your hands with cold water and splash your face, scrub that cold water in, this helps alot in the morning.

4. Wake up earlier. This week set your alarm 10 minutes earlier, next week 5 minutes earlier, keep doing this until you have a comprimise of sleep and time in the morning.

5. Go to bed a little bit earlier, instead of flipping channels, listen to quite, peaceful music while you lie in bed.

6. Eat a good breakfast, it will keep hunger off your mind until lunch.

7. Give yourself enough time in the morning to prevent from rushing, rushing can cause stress and ruin your day.

8. Enjoy the peace and tranquility of the morning, eat your breakfast in the backyard or balcony, drink your coffee there, this can bring that extra little zen, or happiness into your life, having that one picture perfect moment can really help

Step 2: Less Clutter More Life.

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This is probably one of the harder things to do, clean up. This doesn't just mean where you live, clutter in your life can be stress, boring mind numbing day in day out stuff, or anything that kicks you in the crutch as you climb toward happiness.

1. Start by clean a few things up everyday, when you are going from one room to the next, bring anything with you that needs to go into a specific place, if your waiting for a meal to cook, clean the dishes from the last one, your living area doesn't need to be perfectly clean in one day, take it slowly. When you take something out, put it back once your done, prevent clutter instead of trying to clean it.

2. take out the boringness of your life, make origami instead of hopelessly flicking channels, try something new everyday, wether its reading a book in a tree or witting random poetry, something new makes the whole day different.

3. Get away from the average consumerist life. Read an exciting book instead of watching brain rotting TV. I'm not saying to chuck the TV out the window instead, Go out and take a walk in the forest, take pictures that will inspire you. Heck take your camera everywhere looking for creative art (post your stuff in the comments on this page!)it doesn't have to be worth 10 000 bucks, it just has to make you think.

4. Don't wear clothes that everybody else wears, find shirt and sweater with bright colours, or find something that looks cool, feels good to wear, or find something that you'd just love wearing.

5. Have routine, with times of the day for differences, the entire day doesn't have to be planned, the after dinner hour doesn't have to be spent watching TV or reading a book, do something exhilarating, ride your bike fast when it turns dark out, yell stuff loudly, feel free, it surprisingly fun, and it ends the day with a bang.

Step 3: Eating

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Everybody eats, I love eating. Eating brings me new experiences everyday, new combinations, new tastes and new energy. I'm sure I'm going to start sounding like a diet but these simples steps can help you feel great inside and out.

1. Eat colour, real colour. Eat brightly coloured fruits and vegetables. Eat less of the preserved, toxic, packaged food, food that will not go bad for 3 years can't be good for you. Everyday scientists are finding more products that can kill you if you eat enough, so far nobody's found problems with good real food. Snack on fruit, fruits are full of good nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and of course, natural sugars. These natural sugars are much better than those chemical ones. Snack on fruit, try a new piece of fruit or veggie every week, you might find something you like. Good meals don't have to be already made, buy meat from the deli counter, buy fresh fruits and veggie, get plain uncooked pasta, get bread from the bakery. Eating foods like those can make you feel good, and can turn your body against the toxic foods.

2. Eat good portions, serve yourself around a plates amount, instead of going for seconds right away, wait a few minutes, talk with the people around the table, communicate. If you still feel hungry after that, eat a small portion more, if you are still hungry eat a little bit more, seconds shouldn't be another full meal.

3. Make your meal look pretty, when you serve yourself place the food nicely, and a little bit parsley over top, or maybe some pine nuts, fresh snip of a green leaf, anything that makes the meal look pretty, this can really make you feel better about the meal you're about to eat, and even make it taste better

4. When you pact a meal, pack a little more than necessary, you might want a snack or get hungry on the way home. This can save a little bit misery and brighten your day.

Step 4: Exersise

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Nobody really likes doing exercise much. I'm an elite athlete and I hate doing my fitness. Motivation and train methods help make it easier.

1. Avoid the gym. Most people probably don't know how to correctly use gym equipment or more importantly don't want to be seen working out if they aren't in shape. A fit, happy body can be achieved without a gym or weights, or a trainer.

2. Start easy, do as much as you can, than just a little more, than finish. Motivate yourself, instead of just going for a run, go somewhere, take books back to the library, run to the mailbox, run to the grocery store and reward yourself with your favorite fruit. Have a goal to be met when running, say your going to go the store to get the little item you need, not only will you be completing a chore, getting exercise, saving the environment, but you will also be making yourself better inside and out, you don't need to have a BOW FLEX body, you just have to feel good with your body, without settling for less.

3. Lose the scale. Scale don't help. I've been losing body fat but gaining almost 10 pounds, it's not because I'm getting fat, it's because I'm building muscle. It easy, stretch, do your 15 push ups when you wake up, make your fitness easy fun and exciting. Cardio doesn't have to be sitting on a bike for an hour, if there are forest trails near by, run around them, bounce, be a little bit crazy, you don't need focus, you need FUN!!!!, fun burns more energy, and burns up that stress.

4. Go out and play sports, remember have fun, change the rules, lose the scoreboard, have fun. Make non-contact sports contact, remember the more fun you have, the more energy you'll burn.

5. Scales lie! Many, many people notice that their weight changes throughout the, try and see, weigh yourself at least 5 times in a day, when you gain 2 pounds don't get upset and go on a deit for a month, if you gain 10 pounds, try a little bit more exercise, dieting makes you gain more weight, when you don't each as much, the body stores more of the food and makes you GAIN weight.

Step 5: More to Come

Picture of More to Come

It doesn't stop here, I'll keep posting. Take life by the horns, be creative leave comments of results, suggestions or how you make your life better each day!

A new step, a new week. Change your lifestyle, change your life. Feel free.


Saturn V (author)2010-10-09

If you have to watch TV, or don't have the energy to do anything else, I suggest watching something that'll make you laugh, make you think, or that'll interest you.

KwartzKitten (author)Saturn V2011-01-24

So, like something on the discovery channel, or your favorite show?

Saturn V (author)KwartzKitten2011-01-24

Yeah, something like that.

KwartzKitten (author)2011-01-24

And taking a walk or riding your bike leisurley around may help with that whole "enjoying" bit.

r3cycl3dartrat (author)2010-06-30

has anyone tried laughing yoga on the beach? i didnt believe it was real until i actually tried it, although you do have to search to find a group, and it was amazing and healing and laughing can make you feel as though you did one thousand crunches. laughter heals in my opinion. i love this instructable. im in recovery from an eating dsorder and drug addiction and i've found alot of advice in here that i've applied to my life have really helped. thank you so much:)

gibson_se (author)2010-01-23

Scales don't lie. But people do have weird ideas about what a scale can tell them, and people have weird ideas about what happens to their body if they eat less or exercise more.

fought piranhas (author)2009-06-21

Instructables can help with #4! Make/alter some clothing! The process is invigorating and wearing your masterpiece out on the town can be thrilling. Nice instructable hedgihog.

ANTQNUT (author)2009-04-27

This is a great instructable!!! Its also a good idea to call people you haven't seen in a while reach out to some one you don't know as well and write letters and emails!!

denali420 (author)2009-04-16

i think youre absolutely right, and i love how your sharing this with other people, guiding them to help themselves better their lives. stay true(:

AwesomeOpossum (author)2009-04-13

I have a recipe for a chocolate cake in a mug that can be made in 5 minutes and isn't very bad for you. Send me a message if you're interested in putting it in here, hedgiehog.

Pyrowuzzup (author)2007-10-21

"anything that kicks you in the crotch as you climb toward happiness." lol i liked that line

But wouldn't it be equally painful to get a crutch kicked out from underneath your arm and fall over with a broken leg?

CrazyCruizChick (author)2009-04-02

I love reading this I try to be happy everyday! Good work hope you keep it up! :)

jennibfree (author)2009-03-06

This is my first day on Instructables and I want to say thank you for your posting. I think your contributions are simply wonderful. I live in London where many people make a fuss about spelling and all that folderol. Chin up and ignore the naysayers :) Your wisdom shines through and that is what really matters. I, for one, will keep checking in to share your latest musings. By the way I've published two books and there are folk who get paid to sort the other stuff - can't buy what you have. Congrats :)

SharonH (author)2007-11-15

I mean this in a nice, constructive sense. One should fit an English class into one's day, if necessary, to learn to write and spell properly. It will improve one's communication skills and render the writer more interesting and believable to his or her readers.

hedgiehog (author)SharonH2007-11-16

The scary thing is, everyone who knows me says I can't spell, says I have bad grammar and sucks at communication. Weird...

pinkpoison (author)hedgiehog2009-02-17

Who cares, it doesn't make you any worse or better of a person just because you are bad at spelling or grammar. Underestimation of a person by judging little stuff is an awful thing. You obviously are a intelligent and down to earth person and most people will realize this from your Instructable and that's all that counts = )

andrenna (author)2009-02-02

these things seem simple, but they are true! i took your advice on only wearing those things you love, and just that simple act made me feel so much happier. thanks!

lampajoo (author)2009-01-07

Step 6. Quit your job.

cofosho (author)2009-01-05

Waking up - Set a second alarm on your computer or the like. That or invest in one of the several alarms that require a task to help you wake up... i.e. replace a foam dart that was shot across the room (find it, then reset it) Exercise - I find that exercising is a lot tougher when it's a chore. find ways to play while you exercise. I play hockey, but a lot of people feel like sports are a chore, too. Other things I love to do include hiking, rock climbing (on your own terms and safely), play games like capture the flag, kickball and other made up games, ultimate frisbee or any kind of pickup sport that you like. Pickup means less pressure and more fun! Cleanliness - I'm awful at this. Dishwashers are nice. My room is a mess, though. Food: I'm part of a co-op community. We find ways to cut costs on food. We only buy grains and beans dry and in bulk... bulk may not be an option, but try to make friends with legumes and rice. I loves me some garbanzo beans. We also don't buy meat. That doesn't mean I don't eat me. Most in our house do, but I eat it much less and find myself eating more grains, soy and fresh veggies. Since we all pay an equal, nominal amount monthly for food ($100), we all get healthy food cheaper, and we all cook for each other twice a month. Nifty, eh?

guitarman63mm (author)2009-01-03

Tell you what, good call on the screwing around part. I just book around all the time, sort of like light parkour really. I find that you can stay in great shape, just doing push ups and crunches, running, and of course, sex. (You may laugh at that last one, but I'm completely serious!)

hedgiehog (author)guitarman63mm2009-01-04

personally im not a big fan of crunches or running, crunches arent good for your back, and i tend to trip when i run

altomic (author)2009-01-03

I recently moved and had everything packed in boxes for a week except what I could fit in my car. basic living was easy. why have 30 dinner plates sitting around when you only eat off 1? it was great. why have 3 sofas when you can sit on a cushion on a mat? and get some exercise getting up and down rather than plonking youself down on the couch? when I moved to Tokyo I lived in an apartment with a Japanese futon (no stupid wood frame, just a 4cm thick foam mattress) on tatami matting. no chairs or table. 2 plates, 3 pairs of chopsticks, 2 glasses, fridge. microwave, 1 cooking pot and 1 fry pan. having nothing was easy. I guess I'm trying to say - "simplify" . have less than more. you don't need so much. though it is harder when you have a young family.

jandlministries (author)2009-01-03

Thank you so much for this. I just read it and can't wait to start. God Bless.

hot-fresh-rider (author)2009-01-02

I really didn't want to nit-pick; what you are doing here is beautiful no5. "..weight changes throughout the, try and see,..." I think it needs the word day after the. peace

i805 (author)2009-01-02

you are something.. I need friends like you!

purduecer (author)2009-01-01

for step 8 you're going to want to use "there" instead of "their"

hedgiehog (author)purduecer2009-01-02


cd41 (author)2009-01-02

hmm i have this giant cookbook and i am making a dessert one week a cake the next and flipping back and forth each week

pedroripol (author)2009-01-02

I always thought about writing something similar. Congratulations you did it and very nicely.

purduecer (author)2009-01-01

Step oughta be "exercise" instead of "exersise" (Sorry, I'm sure these messages are getting annoying, I do like your ible, however)

purduecer (author)purduecer2009-01-01

tell ya what, if you're interested in any of the spelling/grammar stuff, just pm me and I'll point them out for you. --Purduecer

Obediah (author)purduecer2009-01-01

Chill out on the corrections. We know what was meant. Uz ur energy two corrrect reel problems in liph.

temper (author)Obediah2009-01-02

It's all about credibility, get the little things right before becoming a philosopher, it's not hard...

French t0ast (author)2009-01-01

Wow man, I loved this. Thanks a lot. It made me happy and I can't wait to start trying some of these things tomorrow.

pyrotmaniac (author)2009-01-01

about 5 years ago I was living in a friends attic. I had no job no money and was in a really bad way. I did exactly this... well more or less. Now I have the job of my dreams and extra cash. I cant beleve how easy it was, all I had to do was go and do it. GREAT post thanks so much I really enjoyed it. ~M

dnsnthegrdn (author)2009-01-01

Go through all your clothes, every last bit of it, undies, socks included and throw out anything and everything that has negativity attached to it. If you have clothes that you wear when you are feeling down, but then you feel worse because you are feel frumpy, pitch it. All clothes that don't make you feel great, get rid of it. Better yet you can make a quilt-I am. This way you will never have the opportunity to wear clothes that don't make you feel bad. It makes a big difference. I don't have that much clothes now but I love them all! One improvement I think a few people could make is to quit obsessing about spelling, that's for sure.

janices815 (author)2009-01-01

Sheamus needs to learn to be positive and constructive, no so critical. You are trying to help people improve their lives and he finds one thing to criticize you about. Thanks for the hints hedgie!

purduecer (author)2009-01-01

Sorry for the corrections, but in step 3 you need "make" instead of "mkae"

purduecer (author)purduecer2009-01-01

and in step 4 you want "pack" instead of "pact"

Forestal (author)2009-01-01

Great Instructable!! One of the things that help my days feel different is reading and making projects shown here.
If you want to make a difference try this page these guys have a simple do it ourselves politics that really helps you and those around you. Small changes X a lot of people = BIG CHANGE

frozenwonderer (author)2009-01-01

Great advice, also if you get a chance you should write a short story. It's easy just think about something that happened to you. Like a story that you love telling everybody and put it on writing. I have some tips for you The best way to get started is going to a quiet place by yourself, take your laptop and type everything you remember. Use that as your rough draft and before you know it you'll have a story . Eight guidelines for writing a short story: 1-Use the time of a total stranger in such a way that he or she will not feel the time was wasted. 2-Give the reader at least one character he or she can root for. 3-Every character should want something, even if it is only a glass of water. 4-Every sentence must do one of two things—reveal character or advance the action. 5-Start as close to the end as possible. 6-Be a Sadist. No matter how sweet and innocent your leading characters, make awful things happen to them—in order that the reader may see what they are made of. 7-Write to please just one person. If you open a window and make love to the world, so to speak, your story will get pneumonia. 8-Give your readers as much information as possible as soon as possible. To hell with suspense. Readers should have such complete understanding of what is going on, where and why, that they could finish the story themselves, should cockroaches eat the last few pages. - Kurt Vonnegut - Good Luck

jack.wh (author)2009-01-01

Thanks, this was great :) I love positive people like you :D

scafool (author)2009-01-01

Very early morning is the most pleasant part of the day. Early enough to hear the birds do the dawn chorus, before the roaring traffic sounds of the overdriven industrious human hive starts up.

Nettiemac (author)2008-11-04

I find that when I have to take the kids to the park, pool or river, I take some craft work with me to do while they play (when I have had enough playing myself that is). Works great for all of us as the kids can keep playing when I have had enough, and I have something to do while they play - and I get a lot of crafting done that I simply don't get done otherwise. I also exercise by taking the dog for a walk. Sometimes that motivates me when I simply don't want to do exercise. I am also trying to fit in some bible study and other types of study into my day. Be a more balanced person. And keeping off the computer (I am using my husband's computer right now, as mine is not working). Staying off the computer is good as I get such a lot more done.

tanha (author)2008-10-21

Thanks! Keep up the good work. Love and peace...

saywhut (author)2008-09-11

I have to say I'm very lazy when it comes to exercise and I agree with the gym thing. Being in the same spot looking at the same scenery for while gets really boring really fast. Outdoor exercise is more fun for sure! Also I think having an exercise partner makes it more motivating.

saywhut (author)2008-09-11

Hey thanks for the great instructable! I found it really useful =]

Weissensteinburg (author)2007-10-20

I have two suggestions for the exercise step: 1) Find a fun sport to play...a lot of communities have groups that get together a few times a week and play tennis, or flag football..I personally play ultimate Frisbee three times a week. 2) To convince yourself that scales don't help, weight yourself every few hours one day, just to see how much it fluctuates throughout the day...mine will go +/- about 3-5 pounds in a day.

Dude..... that's my favorite thing to do! Sometimes I even record it and make line graphs from the data... I'll show you what it looks like if I can find my last one ;)

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