Improved Easy Build Workbench





Introduction: Improved Easy Build Workbench

I came up with this simple method to make a workbench when I was in need of a new one and didn't want to spend a lot of money or time. It has served me well and it can be build in a couple of hours.

Step 1: Basic Build

What you need

Top and a bottom of workbench. I used a table top that is 1-1/2" but you could use 3/4" plywood doubled up as well

2 bookcases. Flat pack models from most big bog stores will run about $20-$25.

4" casters Pick a type you like, but locking feature will be nice to have

2 2x4's

Handful of wood screws.

1: Install the casters to your 2x4's and then attach the 2x4's to the bottom piece of bench.

2: Lay out 4 2x4 pieces cut as wide as the bookshelf. You can screw these down or add glue.

3: Set out and align bookshelves. Drive screw through bottom of bookshelf. I used a screw long enough to go through the 2x4 as well and attache to the base.

4: Add top and align. Screw though top of bookshelf to underside of top.

Basic Bench Done

Step 2: Customize

I've customized my workbench over time. If you look for a bookshelf that has at least 26" wide shelf and middle chest tool box will fit perfectly.

Step 3: Complete and Ready to Customize

You can customize you workbench to fit your needs. After a couple months of use I realized a power strip would be nice.



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    Any photos of the actual completed workbench?

    That looks great! You should include those photos in the body of the instructable!

    Dirty shop? That looks pretty clean to me!

    Thanks for the kind words, I had to clean it off for the pictures!