With this improved, or double, floor lashing, the floor spars (floor slats, decking poles) are attached (looped) in two places, on either side to each platform support (stringer pole, rafter). This means, when pulled tight, this lashing makes the platform floor, raft, deck, or walkway, twice as secure.

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Step 1: Begin the Lashing Process

a) A clove hitch is tied around the platform support. (Wrap the end around the standing part of the rope.) Make a bight in the running end and pass it over the first floor spar on the inside of the platform support.

b) Grab this bight and pass it underneath the platform support.

c) Next loop it over the first floor spar on the outside of the platform support.
<p>I love this method! </p><p>In the past, my Scouts have either used a tedious method whereby you feed the entire rope through each slot, or a &quot;bight&quot; method that only resulted in one pass over each spar. The fact that this method creates two passes over each spar, and yet is still incredibly simple, makes me think, &quot;Why didn't I think of this first?&quot;</p><p>Thank you for posting it here! We will be using it at Scout-o-Rama this year, and I'm sure it will speed things up tremendously.</p>

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