This is a paper wallet based on the one made by theRIAA and reinforced with duct tape. There are also additions such as an ID case and memory card slot. You can also improvise your own additions, which is a step higher than leather wallets.

Step 1: Gather Materials

You will need:
8.5*11 paper-several sheets
plenty of duct tape- whichever color you want the wallet to be
clear tape
a small business card size booklet
a small piece of poster board or cardboard
a pencil

utility knife or pocket knife
Your Duct Tape -- Its So Neatly Placed! I Had A Little Trouble Following The Steps, Turned Out Great Nonetheless. 3/5
<strong>AWESOME </strong>ible, great descriptiveness, nice and short and easy to comprehend !!!
Geez, that's the neatest looking duct tape anything I think I've ever seen. Most are somewhat rugged looking. Nicely done!
Wow, this instructable is over 4 years old and I'm still hearing great things about it. Thanks!<br><br>It might not look rugged, but its quality sure is. I still have the one I made in this instructable. Doesn't look as neat after going through the washing machine, but it's still in one piece, fairly pleasing aesthetically, and completely usable.
I did this; first time using duct tape. (weird.) Anyways, good job. There's something I didn't like, though. Could you please be a little more descriptive? Overall, you did an amazing job. Keep making those instructables. (:<br> <br> Here's my wallet:<br> Kinda rough. &nbsp;The wallet and I had World War III when I duct taped the inside pockets.... and the dollar bills stick out from the top.... Haha. xD
i made flash drive holders. now, with my massive collection of flash drives, it doesn't fit in my pocket. i'm serious.
*mouth hangs open*
Yeah... Basically ID slots fitted to flash drives... Also, ALMOS&nbsp;TTWO&nbsp;YEAR&nbsp;OLD&nbsp;POST. YOU&nbsp;AREN'T&nbsp;SUPPOSED&nbsp;TO&nbsp;RESPOND&nbsp;TO&nbsp;THOSE.<br />
In my book, better late than never.
In everybody else's, better never than late.
breakin tha rules lol
i made a duct tape wallet...pink and green. Not an instructable though
youve changed my life , THANK YOU
i gotta make this when i get some duct tape but once i get duct tape im probably gonna use it up fast i always do :D
<p>did you use all those papers or just one?</p>
this was way eaiser than i thought it would be:-)
This is my first instructable- please tell me if you like it. Thanks!
i used ur instructions til step 3<br />
Happy that I could help. &nbsp;Essentially, that is just a slightly improved version of the paper waller instructable by theRIAA &nbsp;that I based this on.
like my wallet that i made a while back? its cool :D here de picture<br/><sup>.</sup> I didn't use ur instructions though<br/>It has 2 money pockets<br/>6 card pockets<br/>1 ID pocket<br/>1 Coin pocket i like it :D<br/>
pretty nice-- but like u said its not my instructions if u really want a professional opinion try asking some other people that made the wallets more like that design. its really cool though
woaa thats well good,neat design -sharlston
thats neat what about making a a4 sheet of paper out of duct tape and using that? :)
here the letter size paper uses the "4 folds" a4 is bigger so i would try to make 5 folds, and who knows, maybe u can find a way to get an extra pocket in there. Give it a shot and post some pics.. I would be happy to see how it turned out and possibly be inspired by it :)
I know this is, or may sound like, a fool's question, but is colored duct tape of the same, or nearly the same material and strength of regular grey? I need to know.
as far as i know, they are the same. don't quote me on that, but if your going colored, you should go with the best. use duck brand. it has always been reliable for me. i have a wallet that i made that is made of only black and red duct tape (duck brand of course) and I'm pretty sure that that doesn't fall under the category of Grey. the thing has held up great so far and i don't think anythings going to happen to it any time soon. i don't think that having paper in a duct tape wallet still qualifies it as a duct tape wallet, mainly because it's not made of only duct tape. a duct tape wallet should be strictly made of duct tape, possibly other kinds of tape (masking, packaging, electrical), maybe plastic for an id window, and perhaps magnets if you need them to hold it together.
do u know if the color tape is expensive?
i am relatively sure that it's around the same price. just check a local walmart or target. that's where i got mine i think.
I think it only really depends on where you buy it. at a fancy art store they're expensive, but if they're at walmart or similar stores they should be reletively similar in price.
or Nashua tape is another good brand
i honestly dont know, but if u want to make a color wallet, make it out of that color cunstruction paper and then use clear packing tape instead of duct tape but i think that color duct tape should be fine
Very cool instructable. I'm gonna see if i can add more card slots the inside by cutting a few slots with an exacto knife. I'm also going to try this with a cereal box.
dude, or dudet, you shouldnt put paper in yo wallet. i tried it once and it was in my pockets for a night and my mom accidently put it in the washing machine and i t looked worse than diarhea
just happened to me but it wasnt that bad the paper separated so it looks like one of the folds is ripped off, and a side of the tape came off - i think by the way - im a dude
is that a library card????????????
Did u get the idea for the wallet fold from the popular science website?
can u give me the link to the wallet idea from popsci? i want to see it
It was posted by the Riaa on popsci I just found out. Here's the link.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.popsci.com/article/2006-10/paper-wallet">http://www.popsci.com/article/2006-10/paper-wallet</a><br/>
i think its the same one -- it looks the same on both links
no, from theRiaa's paper wallet<br/><br/><a rel="nofollow" href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Wallet/?ALLSTEPS">https://www.instructables.com/id/Paper-Wallet/?ALLSTEPS</a><br/>
I get confused after step 6
Good Instructable, a little hard to follow but great idea.
i dont get step 6 pic 2
that picture shows a top view of the id wallet. put the left taped side into the left internal pocket of the full sized wallet.
Did i like it ?! Holy crap of course i liked it!im 11 and i make like 50 (literally!) i took them to skool and and sold them for like a a dollar (i dont live in the states so its kinda hard to tell whats a dollar)my friend made one like a coin purse i kicked the crud out of him
its worth more
erm...i dont really get it..you lost me after the snipping part...cause the paper wallet i created doesnt have the flaps sticking out..
these flaps that you cut off- there are 2 on each side. These are the ones you did not fold in step 3- I think youll figure it out.
SWEET! I'll have to try this.

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