When mixing, crushing or handling fine powders for pyrotechnical use it is often convenient to work on a piece of paper to help gather, confine or pour the mixture; but often there are hastles including spillages, which is definitely not wanted.

To produce a better, albeit simple, way to manage fine powders I came up with this: The quickest way to limit those annoying hastles while keeping it readily disposable, quick to make and cheap to produce.

I introduce the Pyrotechnic Powder Pourer.

Step 1: Getting Started

All that is required for this is a piece of A4 paper.

Firstly we need to get just half; a full piece works just as well but is slightly less manageable and has no real benefits over half a piece.

To do this we just need to fold the piece in half, unfold, and then cut along the folded line.
This method is useful for any powder in little amount!<br><br>Thanks for sharing it.
I love the way you've diagramised* your photos - it makes the creases of the paper far clearer.<br><br><sub><sub>* I think I just invented a new word.<br></sub></sub>

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