I took knexsniper1's mag concept and improved it to be smaller and look better in smaller guns. It can hold 6 blue rods with the stopper and 8 without. Enjoy this instructable and remember to comment and subscribe. :D

Step 1: The Whole Thing in One Step

Um...Yeah. Build it. :D
Can i use it in my own gun? (knexsniper1 didnt reply yet).
Yeah just give me credit :)
Ok that makes sense
Thanks what is his mag? Do you have a link?
The dude lives. Where have you been man? I have seriously missed you.
Dude I've been trying to make stuff but everything I try is failing.
That is too bad. I sometimes feel the same way, but it never lasts as long as yours has... no offense intended whatsoever.
Its alright man :)
Do you have anything you would like to build?
This guy knexmatrix wanted me to build a folding rifle and I was planning on doing that
Sounds cool, can't wait to see it. =D
WOW LOOKS NICE! great internal pusher mech, idk if this is correct. but u can also add a bendy cut green rod on the bottom
Nice, looks good
Good improvement to the original :D
Thanks :D
I have made a somewhat similar one for yellow rods that only uses 2 broken pieces (white rods)
Mine only uses 2 broken pieces too. 3 if you want to shoot connectors
Nice this is useful =D
yep =D

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