Tired of the flimsy old cardboard boxes used to hold Strike on Box matches? Use an old deoderant stick to hold your matches, and still be able to strike the matches on the case.

Step 1: What You'll Need.

In order to create a new and improved matches case, you'll need:

1.One old used deoderant stick.
2.The match box with striking surface still on the side.
3.Glue-I used Elmers, but feel free to use your favorite adhesive.
4.Some scissors.

-Sandpaper to rough up the side of the deoderant stick so that the glue does'nt fall off of the slick sides.
-Rubber bands to hold the striking surface onto the deoderant stick while it is drying.
Good job...
This is a good idea, the only problem is keeping the striking surface dry. The way to do this is if you glue the striking surface inside the lid (top part) of the deodorant stick.<br /> <br /> Good instructable, public holiday here, so going to make it now! Thanks.
sorta good idea gunk!
Thats awesome, I just tried that and it works great, though I'm not allwoed to strike matches in the case it's great for when I go out exploring and fossil hunting and stuff.
I'm not allwoed to have matches so this is great cause' I can hide them and take them to places I'm not allowed to
wouldnt it be hard getting them out if theyre packed in there?
Which is why I don't pack them in, but fill it with enough to leave just enough space for about 2 or 3 matches.
I agree with jake tobak+1
Actually a really neat idea. I hate ripping them out like that, and having so little, I think this is a great idea. +1 rating.
That's pretty cool actually. +1

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