Here is a device which accomplishes a number of things simply by creating space between either side of a hanging towel which allows air to circulate which has numerous effects which may not be readily apparent.

1. Speeds drying of towel
2. Reduces growth of mildew from improperly dried towels
3. Reduces time spent washing laundry due to mildewy towels
4. Saves money on soap and reduces eutrophication (over abundant phosphorous) of waterways
5. Saves water and associated processing energy
6. Saves natural gas used to heat water saving money while reducing greenhouse gases
7. Less towel lint on other laundry

Considering that this can be made with a minimum of time and resources soon they should be everywhere.
To use it you simply make two of them and after showering hang them over the shower curtain rod at either end of your towel.
I live in the pacific northwest where the relative humidity, especially bathroom humidity is high and this has enabled me to reduce my towel laundering to one third of it's former amount. If you ever tire of it or it gets dirty you can rid yourself of it by composting or recycling and easily fabricate another in minutes.

1. CARDBOARD (sustainably managed renewable forest product)


Cut 2 pieces of cardboard, they need to be not quite as long as an arm and as wide as an average hand from heel to fingertips.
Curl over both ends and fasten them with staples, though I'm sure hot glue or tape would suffice.
Bend it so it looks like some cherries in profile and it's ready to use.

Step 1: Materials

1. CARDBOARD (sustainably managed renewable forest product)

Re: sustainable forest products, <br> <br>You know that LEED gold certified building we're both familiar with Sam? <br>All that ornamental wood used on the wall and roof would have to be NFS certified as sustainably managed but if you were to even use a single board of sustainably managed wood frivolously while others can't get sustainable wood because the entire supply is spoken for... well it isn't actually sustainable is it?
You could probably even cover the rolls with shipping tape and keep the cardboard dry and it would last forever.
But I like the idea!
I feel the term &quot;(sustainably managed renewable forest product)&quot; is a slightly loaded definition when applied to cardboard. The reality is that most reforestation companies replace 1 to a maximum of 5 species (uncommon practice) of trees only when the logging company obliterates several species of different grasses, shrubs, trees and displaces several animals as well.
So if you've never heard of the Haber process it's a method of using natural gas to change atmospheric nitrogen into ammonia which is used to make various fertilizers. <br> <br>Some estimates say that one third of the food we're eating or a third of the population of earth is sustained by this process and we use natural gas like it's going out of style. If there was an exhaust pipe next to the plumbing fixtures that farted greenhouse gases in your face every time you used natural gas you didn't need... well it's easy to ignore the consequences of our actions when they are apparently invisible.
Good idea!

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