Cell Phone Car Holder With Tripod Mount




Introduction: Cell Phone Car Holder With Tripod Mount

This is more an improvement / repurposing idea than an Instructables :).

I bought a car holder for my cell phone, it is the holder type you attach it to a air conditioning vent on your car.

After a few days I considered that is hard to remove the phone from the holder, you have nothing to catch with your fingers and pull.

I took some sand paper and made a rough surface to the moving end of the holder and then using hot glue and a screw, I made something like a handle. Problem solved :)

Other days passed and I was in need to put the cell phone on a tripod and had no such tripod adapter. Therefore to the fixed end of the phone holder I added a 1/4-20 nut, this is the thread (imperial units) used for the tripods and photo cameras. Pictures are showing the holder being used on a selfie stick where the original mount broken.

Therefore now I have on my car a (car + tripod) holder for my cell phone, if I need to remove my phone it is much more easier and if I need to shot a video, I can take out the entire holder and mount it on a photo tripod.

Enjoy :) !

PS: sorry but I did not took photos before the change



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