Okay, so I managed to pick up a five pack (50 photos) of expired Fuji Instax Mini film at a Salvation Army second-hand store, for $NZ3, which was too much of a bargain to pass up. The fact that I didn't have an Instax camera wasn't even a consideration, given that a single pack of 10 cost between NZ$15 - NZ$20. I figured that what I was saving on film, I could use on a camera. Fortunately, purely by chance, a local department store was selling the 7s at about 30% off recommended retail (with batteries and a pack of film included), plus 'buy one, get one free'  on film, so I also have 'fresh' film to use.

Step 1: A fun Fuji, but...

To be honest, the camera is a bit difficult to handle... it has lots of lovely curves, but I found my shutter button finger instinctively going over the viewfinder when I grabbed the camera out of my bag. I found it a bit unbalanced and the handgrip didn't offer much in the way of grip. I thought the wrist strap provided was a bit crap too.

Whilst I was thinking about possibly ways to improve the handling of the 7s, I was also thinking of ways I could improve the fun aspect of it.
<p>I've just bought the Fujifilm Instax 90 Neo, after my Instax 7 suddenly died. I'm finding it a much nicer camera to use.</p>
I have that exact camera! It is so cool!
Thanks. I still find it a bit bulky, but as all of my friends pretty much stick to their cameraphones, this is a conversation starter.

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