Improving 3D Prints With Hairspray





Introduction: Improving 3D Prints With Hairspray

One of the easiest ways for a print to fail is if the material separates from the bed. There are expensive sticky sprays you can buy, but cheap hairspray can be easily used to improve adhesion.

Step 1: Choosing the Hairspray

Get hairspray. Find the strongest available, usually level 10, or "extreme hold", or similar.

Step 2: Heat Up the Bed

The hairspray sticks best to a hot bed. It will work on a cool bed, but for best results heat up the bed to about 50 C.

Note: Hairspray is flammable. Most operating temperatures for printers are well below the ignition temperature, but don't try to move the printer while applying, as sparks could ignite the spray.

Also, keep in mind that the sprays specifically for this purpose are made of acetone, which is also very flammable, but it is still good to be careful.

Step 3: Spay the Bed

Spay a layer of hairspray on the bed. Try to get an even layer.

Step 4: Let Sit

Let the hairspray "cook" for about 30 seconds to a minute.

Step 5: Wipe Off

Use a paper towel to wipe off excess spray. Try to lay the towel down flat and absorb the spray, don't actually wipe it off.

Step 6: Test Stickyness

Touch the bed. It should feel sticky to the touch. If not, repeat the process. Try sticking up areas of the bed individually. The bed will now stick to prints much better and prints will have a much smaller chance of peeling off, and you probably won't need to print with a raft. You will probably need to reapply every 2-8 prints.



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    Nothing worse for smooth rods and linear bearings than getting hairspray on them and it's going to get into everything

    Best to use removable glass and spray well away from your printer, especially an expensive Lulzbot

    It works on a glass bed heated at 50 deg. I cleaned the bed with izopropyl alcohol of "high purity" (that's what it says on the container), reheated the bed at 50c, applied the hairspray, then the print itself was done at 210c with cheap orange PLA and the bed temp was 60c during printing. It comes of easily with a razor blade. Now i gotta check how to clean the hairspray off, but it definitly works. Nothing else worked, cheers!

    You have a PEI sheet on that Taz 5, PLA should stick perfectly with no additives needed. Set the bed to 60C and make sure it is clean of oils and such. I use alcohol wipes to clean after a few prints.

    If you find the PEI not holding prints it might need to be lightly sanded with 2000grit sandpaper or your z height adjusted.

    What printed did you use?

    This is a lulzbot taz 5, though it should work on othwers,

    Okay great! I have a lulzbot 4. I will give it a try.

    So this is pretty much spray adhesive?

    I suppose, but some of the properties are probably not like most glues.

    I use this for one year.
    It's work good with any plastic.

    What kind of plastic are you printing? PLA on a cold bed needs painter's tape or hair spray. ABS extruded at 225 degrees C will stick just fine to Kapton tape on a build platform heated to 115 degrees C. When it cools to ambient, it pops off by itself.