Introduction: Improving Handling on Your Dremel (Stylus Style) BETA!!

Picture of Improving Handling on Your Dremel (Stylus Style) BETA!!

How to improve handling and control on your Dremel Multi, in BETA version for now. This is student-budget style.

Always remember to clamp down your workpiece!! Always!!

Any comments and tips for design-improvements will be greatly appreciated.

Step 1: What You Need:

Picture of What You Need:

- A Dremel
- A piece of roundwood (for a handle)
- A hoseclamp
- A piece of sheetmetal
- Some screws
- Tools (woodsaw, screwdriver, vise, plyers, etc)
- Bandage

Step 2: Cutting Wood

Picture of Cutting Wood

Simple.Take saw, cut wood in appropriate length.
Should be aubout the same as the length across your palm.
Remember, clamp down.

Step 3: Cut, Adjust, Trim Metal

Picture of Cut, Adjust, Trim Metal

First, make a hole, 20 mm in diameter (0.7873992 inches according to my calc), in one end. Clamp it down while drilling. I used a step-bit to make the hole big enough.

Now,if you didn't clamp it down, use your bandage.

Then, trim the metal down to size (not adding any mesurements for now, still in BETA, remember).
Bend, fold, sand. Repeat.
Drill two small holes in the metal (see image), with matching holes in your wood-handle-thingy.

Step 4: Assembly

Picture of Assembly

Using a screwdriver and two screws, mount your handle to your beautifully shaped piece of metal.
Then, wedge your hoseclamp into its appropriate position.

Step 5: Fitting for Test.

Picture of Fitting for Test.

Unscrew the chuck and front-ring on your Dremel, then thread your newly assembled Dremel-control-tool over your Dremel.
Refit the front-ring (you should have a ring or a nut or whatever here, or else this is going to be very wibbly-wobbly), and tighten the hoseclamp around the Dremel-body (NOT to tight, it may restrict the movements inside the Dremel. Besides, you will probably break it too...)

Step 6: Finished

Picture of Finished

Enjoy. Keep in mind, this is still work in progress, but it beats paying up for a new Dremel (unless you really feel like doing so, that is).
Time for testing.

Step 7: Change Bandages

Picture of Change Bandages

Keep in mind, change your bandages from time to time. And don't wear them too long.


Kubuntu (author)2011-08-20

'If you didn't clamp it down, use your bandage.' Love it. :)

curious youth (author)2011-07-06

or just buy a dremel shaped in that way ?

Theodor (author)curious youth2011-07-06

Yes, but that would cost money. Back when I made this Instructable the Stylus was just recently released (my inspiration for this project), and quite expensive. Also, at the time I was a student, and generally broke. Plus I already had a Dremel.

Second, where is the fun in just buying everything if you can make for yourself. Making is a learning experience, you know.

Lastly, just buying one wouldn't make for a very exiting Instructable, now would it?

"Step 1.
Buy Dremel Stylus..."

Boring :)

curious youth (author)Theodor2011-07-06

Good points i would agree with you there.

I was thinking of the sturdiness. How solid is it?

Id have a laugh out of that. I love smarta**y things like that :)

Theodor (author)curious youth2011-07-06

Actually, it outlasted that particular Dremel. And the next as well (I am on my fourth Dremel so far, think this one will last. Inherited a Proxxon, and am using that for the really heavy duty stuff). Quite sturdy, didn't flex at all. However, when using this attachment, you're not doing the toughest jobs. It's more for precision work. Which the Dremel is in it self to a certain extent...

Coffee bean (author)2006-04-11

You can't use it with a cut-of wheel.

Theodor (author)Coffee bean2009-12-27

Haven't beeen an issue so far, though. Why do you say that? 

lemminggenocide (author)2009-12-26

it looks like the handle is blocking the vent D: could that cause any damage to the dremel itself?

Theodor (author)lemminggenocide2009-12-27

I know, it looks that way. But on this Dremel-model, the vents are separated by a solid strip (which is where I placed the handle). So no, it won't block the vents :)

jeasterlingtech (author)2006-03-31

add a strip of innertube under the clamp it will reduce slippege and allow a better grip at lower clamp pressure IMHO

Coffee bean (author)2006-03-31

The smart I will surely make this!

radiorental (author)2006-03-28

this is cool. You might find it a bit more stable/durable if you folded the metal under the clip and back over. Also, if you havent tried it, look at the flexible extension for the dremels. I never hold the dremel any more, highly recommended,.

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