How to Extend the Flight Time and the Remote Control Range of Syma X5c-1 Quadcopter





Introduction: How to Extend the Flight Time and the Remote Control Range of Syma X5c-1 Quadcopter

syma x5c quadcopter is one of the most common drones for beginners. the quadcopter is very cheap and simple to fly, it also can handle a 2mp camera.

the original quadcopter has 2 problems:

1. the maximum flight time is only 5:40 minutes

2. the control range is only 50-60 meters, not enough for outdoor flight.

this guide will show you how you can increase the flight time to more than 11 minutes and the control range to more than 200 meters.

Step 1: Add More Flight Time

in this flight test you can see that the original flight time of the quadcopter is 5:40.
connecting 1 more 600mah battery will increase the flight time to 11:10.

another solution is to change the original 600mah battery to 750mah battery, the 750mah battery will increase the flight time to 7 minutes.

Step 2: Add More Control Range

the original radio control range of the quadcopter is only 50 meters.

you can change the antenna of the original transmitter and extend the range to 100 meters.

you can also just use another remote transmitter to extend the range to 250 meters. the x8c quadcopter remote will do it!

in this video you can see the 5xc quadcopter controlled by the x8c remote and fly to more than 200 meters.

if you want to get a syma x5c quadcopter, you can get the x5c BNF version and the X8C remote. you will get a better quadcopter for less money.

you can get the remote from here for just 14$



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    Your video shows nothing of doing the range mod. How did you do it?

    Can i buy one thats not bnf and also buy the X8C transmitter?

    Also, how do you connect the extra battery?

    go for one bigger battery, its much better

    The X5SC that I'm buying comes with two batteries. I promised my wife that any upgrades i buy will be later on down the road.

    sorry but i don't know how to solve problems with wives.

    but if you want to connect 2 batteries you just need to make a cable with 1 mal to 2 females plugs. just connect all the red wires together and all the black wires.

    you need plugs like in this set -

    Awesome!! Thanks for the help.

    Will this work on a Syma X5SC?

    the X5SC is the new transmitter so i think its supposed to work