Step 9: Raise the traces for better connections

Picture of Raise the traces for better connections
After some experimentation, I found I needed to make the traces a little elevated above the circuit board. The easiest way to do that was to lower the circuit board material by grinding it away with a cutting wheel on a Dremel. This also allowed me to narrow the traces for a better match with the traces in the male end. In the photo you can see the beige colored board material that appears when the green surface coating is ground away. You can also see the proper polarity for the male USB connector. The red (+) wire goes to the left side as shown and the black (-) wire goes to the right side. 

And, I drilled two holes in the circuit board material to make a strain relief for the cable. The cable goes down through one of the holes and up through the other. Then the bare ends are soldered to the traces.