Picture of Improvised Lighting "Tent" from a White Drawer
This instructable will show you how to turn your drawer into a combination of a miniature studio and a lighting tent for macro/product photography.

So... What will I get when I place my studio in a drawer? The most you'll get is control over the environment. You can put a blanket over a part of the drawer opening to block some light. You can set up a shot, close the drawer in the evening and return to it in the morning. You can use the space for storage of your photo equipment. And if you're wiling to experiment even more, you can setup the shot with the camera inside, use the self-timer, close the drawer and then the camera will take the shot without any off-setup light.

What will you need:
-a drawer; the best would be a one with white insides, but any other color could do,
-3-4 sheets of paper or white cardboard or any cardboard AND paper sheets,
-remote-triggered flash of your choice,
-a camera of course.

-boxes with something heavy or anything that could hold the paper sheets,
-double sided sticky tape,
-second flash,
-white cloth.

Step 1: Clean the Mess

Picture of Clean the Mess
...just like your mom tells you :P
beerboyone6 years ago
Do you mean lighting tent instead of lighning tent
Dzwiedziu (author)  Decepticon6 years ago
Yeach, you're right. Fixed and thanks.