Step 4: Alternatives/Notes

You can try to place glass on some "legs" so the object will be higher on a transparent surface. This will eliminate shadows on the surface.

If you have a black drawer (also want one!) then you must place the paper on a cardboard, so the light won't be lost by the walls of the drawer. Of course, you can use this to your advantage, by choosing which walls should reflect the most (white cardboard/cardboard+paper), which should reflect some (only paper), and which should not reflect the light and act as a gobo (this also depends if the paint is finished matt or glossy).

If you have a drawer that is not white nor black then consider switching to black and white :P
Aside that you can still use the above methods but when reflecting "some" light it will be colored as the drawer is painted. It'll be a problem when shooting in color (unless it's intentional).