Improvised Pudding Spoon





Introduction: Improvised Pudding Spoon

Ever put a cup of pudding in your lunchbox and forget to bring a spoon? Then you have to awkwardly try to eat it by slurping it straight out of the cup... Well, little did you know, with the help of origami, the pudding cup already comes with one! The same concept can be applied to cups of Jello or Yogurt.

Step 1: For Starters

First things first, you need a pudding cup you wish to nosh on. Then pull off the top, slowly, so that it comes off in one piece.

Step 2: To Lick or Not to Lick?

Here comes the fun part... So that none of that other pudding on the lid gets in the way either lick it clean off or merely wash it off if you don't happen to care for that sort of thing.

Step 3: Start Folding

Once clean, start by folding in half.

Step 4: More Folding

Then start by folding the two edges into the middle, where you previously creased.

Step 5: Yet More Folding...

Once unfolded, take the corners and fold then to the lines folded previously, TWICE. Precision isn't really a big deal for this...

Step 6: Finishing Touches

Now you fold the edges into an even skinnier "kite" for the handle.Then fold the inner flaps out to made a large "bowl"...

Step 7: The Finished Spoon

Now you have a spoon for your pudding! Origami style! So the next time you forget a spoon for your pudding, impress your kids, friends or relatives with such a folded spoon.



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Now that's a life hack. :) I'll be sharing this with all my military friends.

I know this might make me sounds lazy, but im not (just handicapped). I use to get a spoon, eat my pudding in my room then throw the cup away in my bedside trashcan when I was done and set the spoon aside (most of the time forgetting to take the spoon back to the kitchen).

Now thanks to you & this very easy fold, I will just throw everything away when I am done.

always always always did this as a kid! (rarely remembered to bring a spoon in my lunches)

I used to do this!... That is until i cut my lip lol

I do this with my applesauce all the time. :)

Excellent! I've tried all sorts of other methods, but never thought of that. Will try that next time I'm yoghurt eating and driving.

This is awesome,but somehow did find this idea by myself in the past :)

Awesome! Usually I just try to drink it, but this is much better!

I've been doing this for years and have never seen anyone else do it great minds must think alike :3

Ha ha ha! Incredible, I have been doing this for many years, I never thought that this could be something new for other people. My "spoon" is diferent from yours but is used in the same way.

This might be the coolest thing I have seen all week! Hope to see more great 'ibles from you!

This is really good. Way better than I expected. Maybe put the second to last picture as the main? That would be even more of an enticement to click on it!

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haha love it, I don't think I've ever made a lid-spoon this fancy, I'll have to try. great first instructable, you should post this here: