Improvised Shop-Vac floor nozzle attachment from a milk jug

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Picture of Improvised Shop-Vac floor nozzle attachment from a milk jug
So I was all set to clean my basement. Years of sawdust and dead bugs were awaiting the awesomeness that is my Shop-Vac. Except for one thing - I couldn't find the floor sweep attachment. Quickly I sunk into despair as I pictured myself trying to vacuum out the entire basement with only the extension wand. But just as all hope seemed lost I asked myself - WWMG (What Would MacGyver Do)? Would he just give up and go back upstairs? No. That's not what he taught us. I looked around. Years of collecting what any normal person would have thrown away started to work itself into an answer. It wasn't just a clean basement on the line here - it was man against the forces of entropy.  I spied a pile of empty milk jugs in a dusty corner - and suddenly I knew what I had to do.

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Step 1: Cut the jug in half..

Picture of Cut the jug in half..
April 2013 059.JPG
The first step is to very carefully cut the jug diagonally - from one corner across to the other.  I used a utility knife - be careful.  Cut as straight a line as you can.  Cutting through the threaded top will offer more resistance.

Step 2: Cut the access hole..

Picture of Cut the access hole..
April 2013 061.JPG
April 2013 062.JPG
Next pick the half of the jug without the handle and cut an 'X' in the side to insert the hose extension wand.  You don't want the wand sticking through so far that it hits the floor though.  Then use duct tape or wide masking tape to secure it.

Step 3: Make a cut out in the front edge to suck up the debris..

Picture of Make a cut out in the front edge to suck up the debris..
If you stop at this point when you put the jug agaist the floor it will just act as a giant suction cup.  You need to cut an opening along the front edge to make an entrance for air and debris.  Also tape the threaded top where the cap screwed on to seal it against leakage.  You could make all sorts of other specialized shapes this way too - for instance dust hoods for wood working machines, fume extractors, etc.
duckytoo2 years ago
good plan but I think some other type jug of a thicker material may work better like maybe an autoto anti freeze jug.
hyperfocused72 (author)  duckytoo2 years ago
Yes, even an orange juice jug would work. Probably a small cardboard box too. But my wife only lets me keep so much stuff in the basement..
Should of used duct tape!
hyperfocused72 (author)  Hallow Demise2 years ago
I'm ashamed to admit that I had none on hand...
Bill WW2 years ago
Nice work, using something we usually have to throw away.

Could you give me a pointer on how to insert a video into an Intructable? Mine will have several steps, I want to iclude a video like you did.

hyperfocused72 (author)  Bill WW2 years ago
Appropriately enough there is a great instructable on this very topic: http://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Embed-a-YouTube-Video/
Thank you.

I better get my Instructables written. It is almost boating season on Puget Sound.
vincent75202 years ago
Only lazy person show genius !…

flavrt2 years ago

That's just beautiful. The MacGyver force is strong with this one.
mikaleda2 years ago
WWMG that's great! :lol: nice idea.