So I was all set to clean my basement. Years of sawdust and dead bugs were awaiting the awesomeness that is my Shop-Vac. Except for one thing - I couldn't find the floor sweep attachment. Quickly I sunk into despair as I pictured myself trying to vacuum out the entire basement with only the extension wand. But just as all hope seemed lost I asked myself - WWMG (What Would MacGyver Do)? Would he just give up and go back upstairs? No. That's not what he taught us. I looked around. Years of collecting what any normal person would have thrown away started to work itself into an answer. It wasn't just a clean basement on the line here - it was man against the forces of entropy.  I spied a pile of empty milk jugs in a dusty corner - and suddenly I knew what I had to do.

Step 1: Cut the jug in half..

The first step is to very carefully cut the jug diagonally - from one corner across to the other.  I used a utility knife - be careful.  Cut as straight a line as you can.  Cutting through the threaded top will offer more resistance.
good plan but I think some other type jug of a thicker material may work better like maybe an autoto anti freeze jug.
Yes, even an orange juice jug would work. Probably a small cardboard box too. But my wife only lets me keep so much stuff in the basement..
Should of used duct tape!
I'm ashamed to admit that I had none on hand...
Nice work, using something we usually have to throw away. <br> <br>Could you give me a pointer on how to insert a video into an Intructable? Mine will have several steps, I want to iclude a video like you did. <br> <br>Thanks <br>Bill
Appropriately enough there is a great instructable on this very topic: https://www.instructables.com/id/How-to-Embed-a-YouTube-Video/
Thank you. <br> <br>I better get my Instructables written. It is almost boating season on Puget Sound.
Only lazy person show genius !&hellip; <br> <br>Beautiful
*clap*clap*clap* <br> <br>That's just beautiful. The MacGyver force is strong with this one.
WWMG that's great! :lol: nice idea.

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