Improvised Xbox 360 AA Battery Pack





Introduction: Improvised Xbox 360 AA Battery Pack

For this you will need:
2x AA Battery's
1x Paddle Pop Stick
Piece of Foil
Tape (any will do)

Step 1: Cutting the Paddle Pop

In this step you will be cutting the Paddle Pop Stick to size.
First off you will have to cut two pieces of the paddle pop stick, so they are the same width of the battery pack.
Get a small piece of foil and wrap the two pieces of stick in foil.

With the remainder of the paddle pop stick, cut it in half and then wrap both pieces in a small amount of tape to thicken them out.

Step 2:

Now place your AA's the correct way.
Then place the two pieces of paddle pop sticks on the side of the battery's to hold them in.
Then place the foil wrapped at the tip like in the picture to connect the battery's.



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    Hey Guys!!! All ideas are welcome even if they are copied or not.
    What matters is all you guys took the time to share it, this is what matters ;-)

    Keep it up!

    Nobody sells battery covers locally so this worked as a nice temp fix until I got one in via mail/online order. I covered up the back with electrical tape. Surprisingly robust.

    Thanks for copying my 'ible ideas and stuff without even the least bit of credit or asking me. >:(

    2 replies

    Not copying. It's a fix I thought of before even browsing Instructables to improvise a AA replacement holder.

    Ok. Sorry, I was a little quick there.

    simple yet useful, thanks