Hi everyone! I wanted to share the result of one of those aha! moments I had today. It's a lamp I improvised with a fluorescent tube setup and a microphone boom stand. it's obviously not nice looking, but it's an excellent impromptu solution, useful in field workshops. 
Luego de escribir la respuesta, me acord&eacute; que eras argentino! yo soy de paternal, jaja :)<br> <br> te explico: es un tubo de 15 watts, con un balasto electr&oacute;nico. no lleva arrancador. los z&oacute;calos son unos que se ponen a presi&oacute;n en el tubo, y no se caen. conect&aacute;s el arrancador al tubo, y le pon&eacute;s un cable con ficha al balasto. (y si quer&eacute;s un interruptor)<br> la gracia es que el di&aacute;metro del tubo encaja perfectamente en la lanceta del pi&eacute; de micr&oacute;fono. es un pi&eacute; de micr&oacute;fono barato que compr&eacute; hace unos a&ntilde;os a 50 pesos. s&eacute; que los de mejor calidad tienen la lanceta diferente y capaz no entra.<br> est&aacute; bueno para algo improvisado, pero obviamente si lo quisieras hacer, ser&iacute;a bueno que no est&eacute;n todos los cables colgando, hacerle un mej&oacute;r sost&eacute;n al tubo y el balasto con una tablita de madera.<br> <br> bueno, gracias por comentar. he visto algunos de tus instructables y me encantaron. un abrazo!<br> <br> -----------<br> <br> well there aren't much details. you just connect the ballast to the tube sockets, a power cord to the ballast. The instructions to set up a fluorescent tube comes with the ballast, it's pretty straight forward. the interesting part is that the tube's diameter fits snugly in the microphone stand's clamp. but that's about it. you don't have to modify the boom stand in any way. thanks for the comment; I've seen a few of your instructables, they're great.
Maybe you could give us some details. It looks well.

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