Picture of In Case of Emergency pack (I.C.E. pack)
Anything can happen at any time of day whether its a black out, a fire, a earthquake,  zombie apocalypse or CBRN attack It is always good to be prepared.
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Step 1: The basics

Picture of The basics
canned food.jpeg
Usually one I.C.E pack will be good for all four of these emergences so good things to include are

-Emergency blankets/Space blankets (depending on how many people are in your house. There the real thin shiny blanket things you can pick them up at Walmart or any where that sells camping supplys)
-Flash-lights (preferably the wind up or non battery powered kind if not then have extra batteries)
-Canned food/water (at least enough so you can hold down the fort for at least a month)
-Extra clothing (hot wear to cold wear)
-Water purifier (for when you run out of water)
-Knife or multi tool (never know when it comes in handy)
-First-aid kit (depending on what you're doing it could range from very basic to complex)
-Rain gear/Sun gear (I guess that would be included extra clothing)
-Fire starter(s)
-Generator (If you are able to stay in your house)
-Gas masks (good to have even if you don't need them)

Step 2: First-Aid

Picture of First-Aid
A basic First-Aid kit would include

-Band-aids or bandages
-Surgical mask
 -Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil)

A more complex one would include
-Band-aids or bandages
-Antiseptic (more then one type)
 -rubbing alcohol
-Needles/Scissors/Trauma shears
 -Ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil)
-Surgical mask
-Cotton swabs

A more complex First-aid kit is prefered but you gotta make due with what you have
Those bunkers have saved my cities oh so many times. Bloody people who can't play nice!

I'm guessing Civilization?

triumphman2 years ago
Doesn't that bunker fill with water ?
Arbie2 triumphman8 months ago

The bunker should be airtight to prevent that

Thundermoon99 (author)  triumphman2 years ago
I don't think so
Arbie28 months ago

(MINOR) Correction: The FN P90 uses high-velocity 5.7x28mm rounds. 9mm rounds are usually used by pistols.

If im not mistaken the P90 fits 50 bullets, and it's 5.7 mm.
Gun + 50 bullets = 3Kg
Thundermoon99 (author)  D0itYourself2 years ago
I think so