Step 9: Assemble the Top Crossbar

Use two Parts 3 and glue them to each end of Part D with both Parts 3 pointing in the same direction.  Once this is complete, insert one Part F into each Part 3 as shown in the picture above.
For everyone's information we have not yet completed this bike rack. This is a project which we must have 5-10 people create one using these instructions, so we did not glue together ours yet to allow others to use the parts we have. <br><br>When complete this bike rack will lean against a wall and the two legs will be angled outward about 30 degrees. This setup will allow it to be easily moved and it will be sturdy. A bike can be mounted on either holder assembly, which are the sections with two 180 degree PVC pipe hooks sticking out in the picture. The main picture shows the bike rack lying on the ground with the part that will point outward from the wall it leans against pointing up. A bike is placed on by inserting the two hook assemblies through the middle frame of the bike.<br><br>Once we have completely glued our rack together more pictures will be added with bikes on it against a wall. Let me know if you have any more questions. Thanks.
So the bikes would be stacked, one above the other? I'm pretty sure I get it now.
Correct. We measured so it should hold 2 normal sized bikes.
<p>For children bicycles.<br>Using the same idea and concept, but with some modifications.</p>
<p>Hummm, still don't see it, you might want to show final results before posting how to do it.. </p>
Can you add a pic of the bike rack holding 1 and 2 bikes? I don't think I'm understanding this exactly correctly.
We will do so once finished. This is actually part of a project we are working on and have not yet glued ours together. We are required to have 5-10 other individuals put it together with these instructions, so to save them money we made the instructions first without gluing the bike rack together.<br><br>Each set of two outward-pointing holders holds one bike by inserting them through the frame of the bike. The rack is meant to lean against a wall and hold two bikes. Thank you for looking.
OP does not deliver.
This looks interesting but I do not get how to mount this inside your house or how the bikes fit on. An explanation and pics would be very helpful.
Please see our latest comment above. We are sorry that we have not yet finished but predict that complete pictures should be posted by Wednesday of this week. Thanks.

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