Introduction: BrittLiv, 123d Pythagorean Cup

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BrittLiv said she would make this in 3d if she could so I made a design for her, and if you like this look at my ukulele or soap mold box too so, lets get started. If you want info on what this is look it up on Brittliv's instructable.

Step 1: The Base

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I made a cup and than another bigger one, I connected them together to make a cup in a cup.

Step 2:

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Next I used two Long rods to make a tunnel for the water flow.

Step 3: Entry

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I made a small opening in the cup at the bottom as an "entrance" to the tunnel.

Step 4: Water Escape

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I made a hole near the top of the tunnel to show how high the water level would be to "escape"

Step 5: Next Layer

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Next I made another bigger cup to put our previous one in

Step 6: Almost Done! Hang in There!

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Ok so now I built an area to control where the water falls and a square exit for the water to escape.

Step 7: The Top

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So the last part is to put on a lid. I put on a top to cover the whole thing and than slowly cut away until I hit the edge. After that you are done!!

Step 8: The Color

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I chose silver or a shiny color to make the cup look cool. Now you're done!


schumi23 (author)2014-03-13

Do you have the 3D files handy that I would be able to download, so I could print them?

enelson8 (author)schumi232014-03-22

Sorry about the inconvenience I got a new computer and yeah..., its not the exact same thing but the dimensions are about 5x2 (in) please tell me if it works, for I have not tried it yet, and have fun!!

enelson8 (author)schumi232014-03-17

Sorry about the lateness in responding to this comment, last week was spring break. I don't have the stl but I'll redo it and try to post it this week, sorry about the inconvenience!

BrittLiv (author)2013-09-12

It looks great! I feel honoured!

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