In Paper Mario: the Thousand-Year door, Each chapter has a secret.......

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Each chapter has a hidden secret to find, and here they are:

Step 1: A rouges wecome

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In the prelude, go to the left of town to find a female toad looking for her contact lens, but oops-you stepped on them, and now you have to buy new ones!
Go to the right side of town to encounter a bandit that steals half of your money. Go back to the main square and go through the space between the shop and the inn. Go to your left and open the door. He will give you back your money.


Just stomp on his tentacles and hammer his bodie. I found this battle easy[and you should to!!!!]
awaishyder4 years ago
please please tell me how to download paper mario the thousands year door please,........
hammanham5 years ago
You forgot "Bonetail"... At the end of the pit of 100 trials ...if you beat him he gives you a return postage badge.....or something like that...
GeekBeam5 years ago
doopliss has two S's in his name not one if you guys need help in spelling it to beat him
the blooper boss you posted out was actually from super paper mario so you should edit it. send me a massage when you do.
Dim-17 years ago
I loved this game.
Cool! I like the pictures. :-)
chicken woman (author) 7 years ago
Pricess Peach obducted by....HIM!!!
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Grodus says: WAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!
reedz7 years ago
This isn't exactly an instructable...and most of the "secrets" are essential to progressing in the game. Nice try though...maybe next time you could put the locations of items that aren't exactly needed but are perks.
PetervG7 years ago