In Your Pocket Altoids Tin Get Well Care Package

Picture of In Your Pocket Altoids Tin Get Well Care Package
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Ever find yourself needing a get well card and don't know where to turn? I have just the solution! How about a care package kit that fits in your pocket? Here you have the way to make one out of an altered Altoids tin. This super cute & unique gift is sure to bring smiles and lift hearts!
Be prepared for that unexpected time when a loved one falls ill. Sure to delight! Nothing helps you feel better like this does! Makes a thoughtful, charming and unique gift that says' I love you' and want you to 'Get Well Soon' like no other!
Bring to a hospital to open and display for ongoing cheer.
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Step 1: Trace, Size, Cut & Place

Picture of Trace, Size, Cut & Place
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Trace the tin lid and bottom onto a clean sheet of white paper.
Label the top piece from the bottom.
Cut out pattern pieces along the trace lines.
Pin onto your fabric.
Cut around the fabric of your choice using scissors, following the pattern line.
Apply a layer of heavy glue like mod podge to the top of the tin.
Carefully apply fabric to the glue on the lid.
Use a roller or your hand to smooth any rough spots. Let dry. Repeat bottom inside, top and bottom.
Optional-If the tin is embossed, you can place a piece of duct tape over it to minimize the effect before gluing the fabric down.

Step 2: Add Decoration for Smiles

Picture of Add Decoration for Smiles
To give your altered tin a nice look, cut out a picture from a recycled card or magazine. Find something bright and cheerful. I cut out the roses off tea tags and made a bouquet and used a recycled card for the inside covers. I cut a swatch of silk to fit the back and added a silk rose to the side of the vase. Saying get well soon doesn't get any cuter than this!
this is the greatest invention of all time, you ma'am are a genius.
sueayawho5 years ago
This one has my vote too! How fun for a person under the weather to receive such a clever and thoughtful little care package!
very nice indeed !! ;0)
From my experience, be sure to add a sample sized bottle of hot sauce and/or Mrs. Dash. Hospital food is awful.
myrrhmaid (author)  revcerridwyn5 years ago
What a good idea! There's room in the tin for it too. I love those itty bitty bottles of hot sauce! I have one in my miniature collection. Thanks for the great suggestion! Please don't forget to rate and vote for this if you like it! I have as good of a shot as anybody to win! Thank you!
already voted. IMO the best of them all. I've needed this before, but never thought of it.
myrrhmaid (author)  revcerridwyn5 years ago
THANK YOU for the kindest compliment! You made my day!
myrrhmaid (author)  revcerridwyn5 years ago
I brought this to my grandma today. She is hospitalized right now. She was so delighted. By the time we left, she had the handkerchief on her head and a smile from ear to ear! It charmed her socks right off! So, it's tested and works great! :))
Aww, I love this! What a great idea.
myrrhmaid (author)  minnymooncat5 years ago
Thank you for the kind feedback! You made my day!