Step 3: Mass and Lift Capacity

I started out weighing the WIRC set as a whole and each main component, the camera being the heaviest. But the camera has this lumpy plastic clamp of which a part can easily be removed by loosening some screws. Actually the packaging and cables show a lot of potential to hack them and loosing a lot of weight. But I decided not to do that on this first build, not risking the system not working properly anymore. I plan to do that on a second WIRC.

So I ended up with a control and video feedback system just under a 100 g.

Then I weighed the other RC components: servo’s, batteries and extension cords and everything together. Note that at that time I was still thinking to use a fourth servo (the white one) to tilt the camera, which I later dropped to keep it simple. I was at 172g

I pre-inflated the balloon with air to its desired size, which was determined by the maximum diameter still passing a common door. I tested a plastic clamp holding it closed and not being very impressed with it decided afterwards to use some string.

I left the air out and put in a good blob of “Hi-Float”, rubbing it out al over the inner surface. Then I inflated the balloon with helium to the same size again.

I checked the lift capacity by subtracting the weight from the ballast with the balloon pulling upwards from the weight when holding the balloon down by hand: 260g. So there was still plenty of room for the iris, a frame, small parts like the propellers and margin for loss of helium over time.
It's the Atraxi! You just need a speaker that repeats "Prisoner Zero will vacate the human residence or the human residence will be incinerated." Very cool!
<p>thats is epic</p>
<p>when im done making this im gonna scare everyone in the house</p>
It needs extra, smaller eyes...
... and teeth.
<p>It's a good thing this shouldn't be flown outdoors. It would probably be reported as an Un-eye-dentified Flying Object, even though it's obviously been Eye-dentified.</p>
<p>Ewww that's an Eye-ful pun :-/</p>
It took me a while to remember the Monty Python monster, but yes, that is some great inspiration for a next build :-)
Monty Python?<br> <br> You're my age, how do you not know about <a href="https://www.google.co.uk/search?safe=images&client=tablet-android-samsung&hl=en&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=zhwwUsnuMNOThQeB74DgCA&q=beholder+dungeons+and+dragons&oq=beholder+d&gs_l=img.1.1.0l3j0i5j0i24l6.154419.154753.0.156486." rel="nofollow">Beholders</a>?
Beholders? I know the fellas in the link you gave as an annoying green eyeball monster from a certain movie about Monsters...
I think I first saw Monty Python and the Holy Grail on a student organised movie night and later again on DVD. I still love it.
<p>Hi!<br> I'm also using a Dension WIRC in my project .<br><br>But sometimes when I connect the Dension WIRC to my I pad mini, It doesn't show the images a camera. I'm still able to control the motors, but the screen is just black.<br><br>I'm using 2 camcorders (C170) that's connected by a USB hub. Switching the camera's also doesn't work not all of the time. But being sure that 1 camera works is more important.<br><br>Do you also have the same problem as me?<br><br>Or did you already solved it?<br>sorry for my bad English</p>
<p>It could be the cut-off voltage for the camera, which is usually set higher than the overall voltage cut-off (see the manual to find these settings). So when the voltage is dropping to low the camera(s) stop working, but the rest still does.</p><p>If this doesn't help, try contacting the people at Dension, They are quite helpful.</p>
<p>Thank you very much.<br><br>I've already done that by setting the minimum voltage to 5 V.<br><br>I'm using a 12V battery to power the Dension, and 5V to power the servo motors.<br>But I still get the camera problem. <br><br>I'll try to contact the people at Dension.<br><br>One question did you update you're dension to the new firmware or what firmware do you have?</p>
<p>I didn't update, as it did work. I don't now what firmware I had. The one I used is at Ibles HQ now, so I can't check.</p>
I'm so glad I got to see the prototype! Great use of the most attractive but uncomfortable seating available.
The Eyes have it!! <br> <br>It's brilliant!
Hello! what can I use in the place of a laser cutter?
As mentioned in Step 4 you can layer some thin wood strips or carbon fibre rods and glue them together in a curved shape.<br><br>Or you could use a contour saw on the plywood and drill a lot of holes to make some kind of lattice structure.
I love that ' bench' your on in the first picture! <br>That one goes on the ' to make in the far future, when I have my own home'-list. <br>Had to be said...
The Instructables/Autodesk office is beautiful and has more cool furniture, like a swing meeting table hanging from the ceiling :-)
I was drooling at that too. So much love. I think we need an instructables tour!
I would hang on the back side something to represent an optic nerve cluster :) <br>Looks great..
You didn't bring this to Kerkrade MF, did you? <br> <br>Eyebelievable project, douze points!
Thanks!<br><br>It's still keeping an I on Instructables HQ.
I had a sudden urge to shout out - &quot;I AM NOT A NUMBER ! - I AM A FREE MAN !&quot; <br>
Well done! A detailed and complete instructable. You spent your time at Instructables very well. Nice to see the people behind this website through an other eye.
Love the project - and the eye design is great! <br> <br>Just for reference, if you ever need to lift even larger payloads then a massive range of weather-balloons are available. Best source in the UK that I know of is Random Engineering: http://randomsolutions.co.uk/Random_Aerospace/Balloons.html <br> <br>Want a balloon with an 8m burst diameter? They are your guys!
Hi nice project! Often thought of something like this. Didn't know that a small baloon is able to carry that much weight. Should have calculated or tested this.
As a rough estimate one liter of helium at atmospheric pressure carries one gram.
Amazing job, Yvon!
this is soooo awesome!! :D
That is awesome. Always watching... You should call it the NSA Blimp.

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