This tutorial will show you how to make an "in-and-out" style paracord bracelet. Until I figure this out this is not really the start...go to step 1 for the start to show you how the inner part is made.
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_AJ_ made it!20 days ago

Thank you kcardwel for this great tutorial!!!

Paracord bracelet_gunmetal_coyote brown .jpg
galaxyboy2 years ago
that was Cool
I dont get how i am supposed to follow this with only pictures. It says there is a step one but i cant seem to find it. :C
I had trouble with this too, I am new to instructables - but if you click the picture, and then click it again when it comes up isolated, it takes you to an individual step. Would be nice to see them all on the same page, and you probably can, but I haven't figured it out.
awesome i just made one and it is so much simpler than the others
Judith7563 years ago
Great instructable, like having the knot and loop closure rather than the plastic clip kind. My finger strength is not what it used to be. Your pics are great.
jstone104 years ago
Love this bracelet-thanks! It took me a while to get the lanyard knot (also called a boatswain's whistle knot) down but found the step-by-step guide found at: http://www.ropeworks.biz/reader/boatswai.pdf to be very helpful.

Thank you for the link. You saved me time finding it!
kcardwel (author)  jstone104 years ago
that is good...I have a youtube instruct on a part 2 video of making a chain sinnet bracelet if you just look for ghosthonda on there as well.
darman123 years ago
That was a great idea using a soldering iron to melt the end! I usually use a lighter and try to press it down and hope it sticks. The iron melts the end and the part that you want it to stick to.

Very good idea!!!
lilrou154 years ago
can i use two colors?
Yes...just take two colors and do half the length for each one. Then take each cord and melt one end of each cord to the other. It should look like the pic below when done. Sorry if this is hard to follow...can't explain it too well.
kcardwel (author)  lilrou154 years ago
took a pic with my iphone so will see if I can add it here

How do you combine the colors ? Do you melt two different colors like you do when doing a dual tone cobra bracelet ?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards.
kcardwel (author)  Yankee54 years ago
Just made a bracelet to try it and did the knot and loop style with the core part(knot and loop strand) as black; then I started at the loop end with a cobra stitch and then started doing what the pic shows above. when I got to the knot end I did one more cobra stitch and melted the ends after cutting close.
kcardwel (author)  lilrou154 years ago
yes, you can...actually three if you want...one for the core where the loop and knot one is and then two more for the weave...you would do every other weave with the second color. looks really nice too. have a pic of it but can't post is quite yet since my other computer is down right now.
thanks man.
This is my very first paracord bracelet. I think it turned out pretty well. Thanks for these instructions. Very clear to follow. Check mine out. Gonna be givin' it to my girl (might add a Sicilian pin in there somewhere though).
Great job! That is VERY nice...especially for you first paracord bracelet!
kcardwel (author)  SicilianMafia4 years ago
man that looks nice...nice and tight...great job.
sdom7263 years ago
I would like to use a buckle. Any thoughts or suggestions? BTW, thanks for this instructable.... I'm getting bored doing the cobra.
kcardwel (author)  sdom7263 years ago
yes; loop it through as many times as it will go on male or female part of the buckle having the lengths of the strands such that one is long enough to go back to the other part of the buckle and do a cobra weave there. take the long end and start the in and out weave. or you can use two separate pieces; one the shorter one to loop around the one part of the buckle and go back to the other end for the desired length and tie of with a couple of cobra weaves and melt off. then take the other strand and do your in and out weave. I usually do it the second way...to keep it stretched out I take a smaller piece of cord and go through the one end of the buckle and tie it to a post or something. then I do the same thing with the other end....I usually use a taughtline hitch for that second end in keeping it tight...I can readjust it with the hitch if I want to loosen it or tighten more.
sdom726 sdom7263 years ago
I think I have it figured out. I just need to treat it like the cobra on a buckle. The trick will be in the beginning and maintaining the tension. I hope to post a picture by tonight....
I'm a little bit confused about measuring out lengths... Could you please explain? Thanks so much!
kcardwel (author)  samuel.jackson20124 years ago
You need two cords. One is the core part which should be around 3' to 3'6"
the other is the longer one and should be around 9'
triumphman4 years ago
Where are the intructions? Isn't that is what is an instructable? Very nice smoothe design though, clean and sassy. I would like to try one if I could figure out all that mountain climbing gear and spaghettie mess!
kcardwel (author)  triumphman4 years ago
it is meant to be a pictoral instruction for the most part
Tommi Potx4 years ago
DavisT1964, take a minute and look at the pics, then lay out your cord identically, and all will be well. There is much joy in paracord land.
Tommi Potx4 years ago
Now I gotta make one!!!
I am having big time trouble with the knot! I am stuck after step 5. Do you havea video?
kcardwel (author)  moriah.jeeps4 years ago
not sure where exactly you are at but take a look at this video since it instructs on how to make the same knot for another bracelet......
might be easier to see it...I go real slow on it.
Thanks. Ill try that out.
Thanks! BTW what is the knot called?
kcardwel (author)  lookaquarter4 years ago
you know I have looked in tiat's book and videos and other places and haven't found a name for it. will keep looking.
kcardwel (author) 4 years ago
click the small slide show pics and the slide show will stop and you can view them individually at your own pace.
How much paracord do u use to make a bracelet for 7.5 inch wrist?
kcardwel (author)  newman529.jn4 years ago
you need the inner core for the loop and knot which would only take 3' tops and for the weaving tops 10'. for a 7 1/2" wrist the whole thing from tip of knot to tip of loop would be about 9"
jagfan4 years ago
Great instructable. Just what I was looking for. Doing a show in Dec. Make and sell things to benefit an Equine rescue. These are going to be great!!! Love things that are different and can make up easily.
Thanks so much
I have to be nice. This instructable for the lanyard knot portion of this is ridiculous. Has anyone actually tried it. You cant tie a knot with all of the looseness this tries to show. Sorry fact.
tori10125 years ago
whats the thickness of the paracord u used? also, would i be able to find it on amazon.com?
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