Step 3: Preparing the Blank

I will skip over the dremel and knife work, you know what to do. I started my holes using the drill press for control, especially for the LED opening. I needed to remove some material from the back of the blank to get a nice fit. I finished the edges of the opening with a jeweler's file to get a nice edge.
nice, does it get hot?
Thanks,<br>No it does not get any hotter (that I've noticed) than a standard accessory. The amperage is pretty low, so it doesn't charge my tablet very efficiently, but is great for phones and ipods.
I am extremely impressed with your dremel work ! I did something similar in my truck except I used a 2 usb plug and disassembled it like you did. <br>I was very disappointed in the cut I made in my blank so I went to the junk yard and bought a new one because I was so critical of my cuts. <br>Maybe I just need more patience. Any advice ? <br>Excellent work again !
i am having the same problem, and i don't have a dremel kit, <br> <br>is there any instructables on how to do it
I would use a drill to make small holes near (not at) the four corners and then a couple of more in the space to be removed. Once you have done that, you can probably shape the opening with a hobby knife and files. I have used that technique and finished larger holes with a coping saw, too.
very nice and useful!! You've got my vote!
Where did you get the &quot;blank&quot;? This is the single piece I'm trying to find...
The blank was already in the dash for an unused switch. I image you could get one from a dealer, but I would hit the junkyard. It is the same blank plate almost every Honda uses until around 2000. Good luck.

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