Step 3: Preparing the blank

Picture of Preparing the blank
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I will skip over the dremel and knife work, you know what to do. I started my holes using the drill press for control, especially for the LED opening. I needed to remove some material from the back of the blank to get a nice fit. I finished the edges of the opening with a jeweler's file to get a nice edge.
aleitt2 years ago
I am extremely impressed with your dremel work ! I did something similar in my truck except I used a 2 usb plug and disassembled it like you did.
I was very disappointed in the cut I made in my blank so I went to the junk yard and bought a new one because I was so critical of my cuts.
Maybe I just need more patience. Any advice ?
Excellent work again !
abquid4 years ago
Where did you get the "blank"? This is the single piece I'm trying to find...
andamas (author)  abquid4 years ago
The blank was already in the dash for an unused switch. I image you could get one from a dealer, but I would hit the junkyard. It is the same blank plate almost every Honda uses until around 2000. Good luck.