Step 8: Reassembled!

I tucked my USB cable under the console fairing and ran it through to the glove box for storage when not in use. 
The red LED lights up when powered up and looks very clean. The picture is a little blurry because it was dark by the time I finished. I will post a day-light pic so you can see it better.
I hope this has given you ideas for where you can easily place a USB power port in your car!

nice, does it get hot?
Thanks,<br>No it does not get any hotter (that I've noticed) than a standard accessory. The amperage is pretty low, so it doesn't charge my tablet very efficiently, but is great for phones and ipods.
I am extremely impressed with your dremel work ! I did something similar in my truck except I used a 2 usb plug and disassembled it like you did. <br>I was very disappointed in the cut I made in my blank so I went to the junk yard and bought a new one because I was so critical of my cuts. <br>Maybe I just need more patience. Any advice ? <br>Excellent work again !
i am having the same problem, and i don't have a dremel kit, <br> <br>is there any instructables on how to do it
I would use a drill to make small holes near (not at) the four corners and then a couple of more in the space to be removed. Once you have done that, you can probably shape the opening with a hobby knife and files. I have used that technique and finished larger holes with a coping saw, too.
very nice and useful!! You've got my vote!
Where did you get the &quot;blank&quot;? This is the single piece I'm trying to find...
The blank was already in the dash for an unused switch. I image you could get one from a dealer, but I would hit the junkyard. It is the same blank plate almost every Honda uses until around 2000. Good luck.

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